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What is the spatial extent of individual HMA DEMs?

HMA DEMs cover portions of eleven countries. The products are created from DigitalGlobe Inc. satellite imagery and have a relatively small footprint, especially compared to NASA missions. Users can download a shapefile or .kml from the HMA ancillary file directory ( and view the spatial extent of each product in ArcGIS, QGIS, and Google Earth, among other tools, to discover what DEMs they specifically need to download. 

Strip Index - The strip index shapefile and .kml both contain an attribute titled 'Date,' matching the data directory structure for both the cross-track (CT) and along-track (AT) DEMs. For example, a 'Date' of 20161115 corresponds to the data structure in HTTPS of 2016.11.15/. A map of the strip index can be found here

Mosaic - The tile index shapefile and .kml both contain an attribute called 'TILE_NUM,' matching the last numbers in the file name, minus the format extension. For example, a 'TILE_NUM' of 116 corresponds to the file name HMA_DEM8m_MOS_20170716_tile-116.tif. A map of the tile index can be found here

Last Updated February 2018