How to see a list of data sets

The NSIDC Data Search and Quick Data Search allow you to search NSIDC's data catalog for data sets. These data searches only query the catalog database and do not search our Web site. For a Web site content search, use the Google Site Search located at the top of our Web pages.

List All Data Sets in Catalog

You may view a list of all data sets in the NSIDC online data catalog organized in one of the following ways.

  • by specified parameter/topic; data sets may be sub-grouped by applicable lower-level terms for the parameter/topic
  • alphabetically by data set title
  • by name of the data contributor (investigator)

These lists include externally-distributed data. NSIDC advertises many data sets that are of interest to our users, but we do not archive and distribute the data, nor do we provide support for externally-distributed data. For these data, we provide an e-mail address or Web URL through which you may find more information or access the data.

To see a list of data sets by Topic, click on the arrow to display topic choices. Select a topic and then click the 'Go' button.

Initial list screen

Quick Links to Data Collections

Some NSIDC data sets that are related to each other by parameter, sensor (instrument), project, grid, etc. are grouped together on our Web site as a data collection. The Quick Links list includes links to some of the most frequently used data collections. These links go directly to the collection's section on NSIDC's Web site. For descriptions of these collections, see Data Collections

To see a list of data collections, click on the arrow to display collection choices. Select a data collection and then click the 'Go' button.

Quick links screens