When are the IceBridge data collected? What is an IceBridge data campaign?

The IceBridge project was initiated in order to fill a gap in the satellite record after ICESat stopped operating and before the launch of ICESat-2. The IceBridge data collection started in 2009 and will continue until approximately 2017.

The data are collected:

  • Seasonally over an approximately 3-month time span each year, called a campaign
  • During March through May for the Arctic campaigns
  • During October through December for the Antarctic campaigns
  • Via instrumentation attached to the body of an airplane
  • Over areas near to the poles that are experiencing accelerated change
Each IceBridge campaign is named for the year the data were collected and the polar area in which the collection took place. For example, the data collected during March, April and May of 2012 over Greenland, the Arctic sea ice, and Alaska are a part of the 2012 Arctic campaign.