How to run an IDL reader for glas products (

Here is the link to the IDL readers:

Unzip the file and extract the Readme.glas and the save them in a directory. (It helps if it is in the same directory as the data you want to read.)
In order to run the program you will need to create a short control file.  (described in the Readme_glas file)
You can use a text editor to create this file. Follow the directions in the Readme_glas. Save it to the same directory as To run the program, just double click on the
It might or might not open the IDL interface, but it will have created an output text file in the directory. If it hasn't then use the IDL GUI and click the 'Run' button at the top of the interface.

You can open the file in wordpad or notepad. to look at the results.
You can also paste this into excel for easier viewing.