How to run NGAT

To use the NGAT tool, first download and extract the files into one directory.
In this directory add your data file (.DAT)
Double click on the  batch_read_altimetry.ini file and it should open in a text editor.
This file will have some text in the top. Where ever there is an  'infile' enter your data filename.


Wherever there is an 'outfile' enter your outfile name (.out). Alter this name from the data filename slightly or they will overwrite each other.

Next define the input directory as the one with this tool and data file in it.
for example add

Next define the output directory.
for example add
This does not have to be the same as the input directory.

Next add

That should be the last line of text in your .ini file

Save this file as batch_read_altimetry.ini

To execute the program double click on the batch_read_altimetry.sav file
It will run automatically and you should find a .out file in your specified directory.

In Unix: At the command line, in the directory containing the batch_read_altimetry.sav
file as well as the batch_read_altimetry.ini file type,

prompt> idl -vm="batch_read_altimetry.sav"