MicroSnow Overview

Snow pit photo

Snow pit photographed by John Maurer, NSIDC.

The MicroSnow community is a subgroup of the International Association of Cryospheric Sciences (IACS) working group on snow microstructure. Specifically MicroSnow focuses on how snow microstructure is understood through microwave radiation.

This site provides access to presentations by MicroSnow community researchers, and gives information about current and future activities.

MicroSnow logoMicroSnow planning community:
Henning Löewe (loewe @ slf.ch)
Samuel Morin (samuel.morin @ meteo.fr)
Mel Sandells (melody.sandells @ coresscience.co.uk)

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Submit an abstract on related work to The Cryosphere special issue, Intercomparison of​ methods to characte​rise snow microstruc​ture, (abstracts accepted until 31 Dec 2016).

EGU General Assembly 2016

MicroSnow in EOS