Virtualized Quality Screening Service: Improving the Application of Data Quality Information in Accessing and Using Satellite Data

NASA logoThis project is funded by NASA-ACCESS.


Ed Armstrong (JPL) is the principal investigator. Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa (NSIDC), Thomas Huang (JPL), Zhangfang Xing (JPL), Toshio Chin (JPL)

Project Summary

Data quality indicators ensure that satellite-based earth science data records meet scientific requirements. Optimal use of satellite-based earth science data records require access to and understanding of the data quality indicators contained in those records. This can be a complex and time-consuming process since a user must obtain and understand many different forms of data quality indicators such as metadata attributes, bit flags, and ancillary variables to ensure that the data meet scientific requirements. For example, quality screening of Level-3 data from the upcoming Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) instrument can involve up to 26 unique bit states or conditions a user can filter.

The Virtualized Quality Screening Service (VQSS) aims to address these issues and concerns by developing an infrastructure that will allow users to view and apply the quality information in SMAP and other selected data products. It builds upon proven NASA components for data extraction, subsetting by value, and visualization using granule-based quality information.

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