EarthCube Building Blocks: A Broker Framework for Next Generation Geoscience (BCube)

NSF logoThis project is funded by NSF award number ICER 1343802


Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa (NSIDC)


Engage Earth, atmosphere, ocean, computer, information, and social scientists, educators, and data managers to transform the conduct of research by developing community-guided cyberinfrastructure that integrates data and information across the geosciences.

Project Summary

Titled "A Broker Framework for Next Generation Geoscience," the BCube project began in September 2013 to address the need for effective and efficient multi-disciplinary collaboration between researchers. The project uses a progressive, multi-phase approach, and fosters deep engagement within the involved communities. The BCube team creates brokering interfaces that will be easy to use, enables discovery of data and services ready to be brokered, and creates a test and validation environment in the cloud for the geoscience and cyberinfrastructure community.

This award brings together an internationally recognized team of geo- and social-scientists, cyberinfrastructure experts and educators to explore how expert systems can mediate interactions and improve access between scientific fields. The initial focus is on hydrology, oceans, polar and weather, with the intent to make the technology applicable and available to all the geosciences. The team’s social scientists and educators will research how technology can improve knowledge exchange between scientific communities.

BCube is initially working with scientists in four domains: hydrology, oceans, polar, and weather.

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