Detecting Change in Glacier Systems (GLIMS)

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To create an inventory of the majority of the world's estimated 160,000 glaciers and map their extent and rate of change


Richard Armstrong

Project Summary

GLIMS is an international project with participation from more than 60 institutions in 28 nations worldwide. Each institution (called a Regional Center, or RC) oversees the creation and analysis of data for a particular region appropriate to their expertise. These data are submitted to the GLIMS database at NSIDC. The NSIDC GLIMS Web site provides an overview of the GLIMS Glacier Database and describes the GLIMS Web Mapping Service (WMS), providing links to the GLIMS WMS, the data submissions page, data analysis, related research, and the main GLIMS project home page. For more information, see GLIMS under the Programs section of this report.

Related Resources

For more information, see the NSIDC GLIMS Web site.

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