Twila Moon

Postdoctoral Research Associate


PhD, University of Washington, 2014


Ice dynamics, ice sheet-ocean interaction, ice loss and freshwater flux, ice-ecosystem connections, hydrology of glaciers and ice sheets, glacier-sea ice interaction

  • Global Land Ice Velocity Extraction from Landsat 8 (GoLIVE)
  • Greenland ice sheet motion
  • SEARCH Land Ice Action Team
  • Greenland Ice Sheet-Ocean Interaction Science Network (GRISO)
  • Greenland freshwater flux, including iceberg melt


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Data Sets

Joughin, I. and T. Moon. 2015. MEaSUREs annual Greenland outlet glacier terminus positions from SAR Mosaics. Boulder, CO: Natiional Snow and Ice Data Center. Digital media. doi:10.5067/DC0MLBOCL3EL.

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