Colleen Strawhacker

Research Scientist I


PhD, Arizona State University, 2013


Social sciences data management; anthropology; environmental science; human and environmental interactions

  • dataARC

Recent Highlights and Upcoming Expeditions

  • May 2014: Organized a session on data management in the social sciences for the International Congress for Arctic Social Sciences
  • Ongoing: Collaborating with the North Atlantic Biocultural Organization (NABO, pan-North Atlantic), The Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies (NIES - Sweden), a consortium of Scottish Universities with expertise in climate science (St. Andrews and Edinburgh), and HumLAB (Sweden) to develop interoperable databases to analyze and visualize long-term human ecodynamics across the North Atlantic
  • Ongoing: Participating in a collaboration between archaeologists in the U.S. Southwest (The Long-Term Vulnerability and Transformation Project —LTVTP) and the North Atlantic (NABO) to develop comparative research strategies for studying the relationship between ancient people and climate

Upcoming Fieldwork

  • Archaeological excavation in the Mývatn region of Iceland in August 2014

Current Research

  • Developing cyberinfrastructure for the Arctic social sciences
  • Studying how ancient peoples in marginal environments (including the North Atlantic and the U.S. Southwest) mediated risk to food shortfall and incorporated adaptations to ongoing climate change
  • Researching the relationship between soil management and long-term irrigation systems in arid environments, including coastal Peru and the U.S. Southwest


Society for American Archaeology

International Arctic Social Science Association

Resilience Alliance

Global Human Ecodynamics Alliance



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