Mark Serreze

NSIDC Director
Professor, Department of Geography, University of Colorado Boulder
CIRES Fellow
American Meteorological Society Fellow


PhD, University of Colorado Boulder, 1989


Arctic climate; global implications; and climate warming in the Arctic


  • 2017: Named Professor of Distinction, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
  • 2015: American Meteorological Sigma-XI Distinguished Lecturer (invited lectures given at various universities across the United States)
  • 2014-2015: Thompson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher Award, in recognition of ranking among the top 1 percent of researchers for most cited documents in their respective field
  • 2014: Global and Planetary Change Most Cited Publication Award
  • 2014: Invited Speaker, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland
  • 2014: Elected Fellow of the American Meteorological Society
  • 2012: Invited Speaker, American Meteorological Society 40th Broadcast Conference, Boston, Massachusetts
  • 2011: Invited Speaker, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
  • August 2009: Serreze began his official appointment as NSIDC Director
  • June 2009: Serreze participated in the SnowNet Project in northern Alaska, sampling snow depth and water content to help improve models of climate change in the Arctic.
  • April 2009: Serreze named NSIDC Director. His official appointment begins in August.
  • September 2008: Serreze was a keynote speakier at the Oceans '08 Conference in Quebec City, Canada.
  • December 2007: Serreze presented the Nye Lecture at the Fall American Geophysical Union (AGU) Meeting to discuss the status of climate change in the Arctic. The lecture was a special lecture requested on behalf of the AGU Cryospheric Focus Group.
  • October 2007: Briefed former Vice President Al Gore on Arctic climate change
  • September 2007: Reported on 2007 record Arctic sea ice loss and its global significance: collaborated on an analysis of the factors contributing to the extreme ice losses in 2007 with J. Stroeve, J. Maslanik, M. Holland, W. Meier, and T. Scambos
  • October 2006: Reported on 2006 Arctic sea ice minimum and its global warming significance; collaborated on an analysis of the predicted and observed sea ice decline rates with J. Stroeve, W. Meier, M. Holland, and T. Scambos.
  • June 2006: Published "The Arctic Amplification Debate," in the journal Climatic Change
  • May 2006: Participated in a Congressional Briefing, "Recent Scientific Findings of Arctic Environmental Change"
  • February 2006: received the award for Best Book of 2005 from the Atmospheric Science Librarians International (ASLI) for the book The Arctic Climate System.
  • Fall 2005 : Published textbook, The Arctic Climate System, with Roger Barry
  • September 2005: Reported on the 2005 Arctic sea ice minimum and its larger relation to Arctic and global climate


  • Evaluating causes for the declining sea ice cover and ensuing environmental impacts
  • Studying aspects of the Arctic's large-scale heat and freshwater budgets
  • Examining the role of Greenland and the surrounding area on cyclone development and poleward heat and moisture transports


Member, American Geophysical Union (AGU)

Member, American Meteorological Society (AMS)

Member, NSF Arctic Climate System Study (ARCSS) Science Steering Committee

Member, Arctic and sub-Arctic Ocean Fluxes (ASOF) Science Steering Committee

Fellow, Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (PAOS) at the University of Colorado at Boulder

Media contact on issues relating to arctic and global climate change

Scientific manuscript reviewer for the Journal of Climate, Journal of Geophysical Research, Geophysical Research Letters, Tellus, Journal of Applied Meteorology, Reviews of Geophysics, and Arctic and Alpine Research

Featured scientist on "Discovery Channel" documentary "Global Warming: What you need to know," July 2006

Serreze has also provided testimony to the United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation regarding changes in arctic sea ice cover (2004) and to a 2006 Congressional Briefing, "Recent Scientific Findings of Arctic Environmental Change."



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