Allen Pope

Research Scientist


PhD, Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge University, 2013
MPhil, Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge University, 2009
B.A., Harvard University, 2008


Remote sensing of the cryosphere; glaciology; Landsat 8; Antarctica/Greenland/glacier surface hydrology



  • June 2018: Taught on ESA Cryosphere Training Course in Longyearbyen, Svalbard
  • Summer 2017: Taught on the Juneau Icefield Research Program
  • February 2016: Pope is Scientist in Residency Fellow at the Sitka Sound Science Center
  • Summer 2015: Taught on the Juneau Icefield Research Program
  • Spring 2014: Developed and taught a course on "Polar Remote Sensing" at Dartmouth College
  • February 2014: Participated in a steering group meeting for the International Polar Partnership Initiative (Paris, France)
  • December 2013: Along with other fellows of the Software Sustainability Institute, organized a "Software and Research" town hall discussion at the AGU Fall Meeting
  • October 2013: Participated in a workshop on grand challenges in the future of cryospheric research (Climate & the Cryosphere Programme; Tromso, Norway)
  • May 2013: Assisted in fieldwork studying surface melt on debris-covered glaciers in the Langtang Valley, Nepal
  • April 2013: Assisted in long-term mass balance studies at Tarfala field station, northern Sweden


  • Estimating supraglacial lake depth with Landsat 8
  • Using Landsat 8 to study ultra-cold temperatures in East Antarctica
  • Assessing glacier delineation using Landsat 8; application to studying glaciers in north central Asia
  • Working to increase career development opportunities for polar early career scientists


American Geophysical Union (Cryosphere Executive Committee & Meetings Committee Member)
European Geosciences Union
International Glaciological Society (Council Member)
Polar Educators International



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Baeseman, J., and A. Pope. 2011. APECS: Nurturing a new generation of polar researchers. Oceanography 24(3): 219. doi:10.5670/oceanog.2011.73.


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