Lora Koenig

Senior Research Scientist

PhD, Geophysics, University of Washington, 2008
M.S, Geography, University of Utah, 2002
B.A, Cum Laude, Mathematics, Linfield College, 1999

Remote sensing of ice sheets and seasonal snow, surface mass balance of the Greenland and Antarcitc ice sheets, patterns of snow accumulation on ice sheets, englacial water and firn aquifers.



  • 2017 Collected radar data over Langjokull, Iceland
  • 2015 Led Greenland Aquifer drilling team in Southeast Greenland
  • 2015 Participated in WISM flights for snow water equivalent in Grand Junction, CO
  • 2013 Co-lead for GROVER robot testing at Summit Station, Greenland
  • 2013 Co-lead for Greenland Aquifer drilling team in Southeast Greenland
  • 2011 Led Satellite Era Accumulation Traverse (SEAT) in West Antarctica
  • 2011 Led Operation IceBridge LVIS/B-200 Aircraft Campaign over Greenland
  • 2010 Led Satellite Era Accumulation Traverse (SEAT) in West Antarctica
  • 2009 Served as Scientist to winter-over at Summit Station, Greenland




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