NSIDC Special Reports

The National Snow and Ice Data Center publishes special reports on data related topics that it deems to be especially important. They are not published at regular frequency and are either coauthored by an NSIDC employee or pertain to data sets at NSIDC. NSIDC Special Reports 1, 2, and 3 were data users guides. Special Reports 1 and 2 have been superseded by NSIDC data set documentation.

NSIDC Special Report - 4 (Abstract; PDF, 7.9 MB): Atmospheric and Sea Ice Characteristics of the Arctic Ocean and the SHEBA Field Region of the Beaufort Sea (M. C. Serreze, J. A. Maslanik, and J. Key, 1997)

NSIDC Special Report - 5: An Intercomparison of DMSP F11- and F13-Derived Sea Ice Products (J. Stroeve, X. Li, and J. Maslanik, 1997)

NSIDC Special Report - 6: An Evaluation of the Results from Using NearestNeighbor and Area Min/Max Resampling Methods to Regrid AARI Digitized Sea Ice Charts to EASE-Grid (R. F. Kokaly, 1996)

NSIDC Special Report - 7: Impact of Various Processing Options on SSM/I-derived Brightness Temperatures (J. Stroeve, 1998)

NSIDC Special Report - 8 (PDF file, 959 KB): Summary of Ice-Motion Mapping Using Passive Microwave Data (J. Maslanik, T. Agnew, M. Drinkwater, W. Emery, C. Fowler, R. Kwok, and A. Liu, 1998)

NSIDC Special Report - 9: Methods for Regridding AARI Data in SIGRID Format to the EASE-Grid Projection (R. F. Kokaly, 1996)

NSIDC Special Report - 10 (PDF file, 39 KB): Comparison of Near Real-Time DMSP SSM/I Daily Polar Gridded Products and SSM/I Polar Gridded Products (J. Stroeve and J. Smith, 2001)

NSIDC Special Report - 11 (PDF file, 355 KB): National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center SNOw Data Assimilation System (SNODAS) Products at NSIDC (A. Barrett, 2003)

NSIDC Special Report - 12: An Introduction to EOS Data in the EOSDIS Core System (ECS) at NSIDC (J. Maurer and A. Leon, 2009)

NSIDC Special Report - 13 (PDF, 1.8 MB): A Selection of Documentation Related To National Ice Center Sea Ice Charts in Digital Format (F. Fetterer, 2006)

NSIDC Special Report - 14 (PDF, 23.3 MB): Handbook for community-based sea ice monitoring (A. Mahoney and S. Gearheard, 2008)

NSIDC Special Report - 15 (PDF, 440 KB): Data on the Geographical Distribution of Sea Ice (R. Barry, 2013)

NSIDC Special Report - 16 (PDF, 5.8 MB): Sea Ice In the Climate System: A Russian View (V. F. Zakharov, 2013)

NSIDC Special Report - 17 (PDF, 792 KB): Assessing the Impact of Speed and Depth on Sea-Ice Draft Data Obtained from US Navy Submarines (M. Wensnahan, 2014)

NSIDC Special Report - 18 (PDF, 457 KB): Sea Ice Index Version 2 Analysis (A. Windnagel, M. Savoie, and W. Meier, 2016)

NSIDC Special Report - 19 (PDF, 10 MB): Sea Ice Index Version 3 Analysis (A. Windnagel, M. Brandt, F. Fetterer, W. Meier, 2017)