Report GD-29: Bibliography on the Hydrology of the Himalaya-Karakoram Region: Foreword

In 1982, WDC-A published a bibliography of glacial hydrology prepared by a Working Group of the International Commission on Snow and Ice, chaired by Professor Gordon Young, who also edited Glaciological Data, Report GD-12. The current issue represents a continuation of this focus. Snow and ice cover in the Karakoram-Himalaya play a dominant role in the hydrology of south Asia through their contribution to water supply, hydropower installations, and water-related hazards including river and glacier-lake outburst floods, and snow avalanches. Apart from hydrological considerations, Himalayan snow cover extent is a factor in the strength and timing of the Indian summer monsoon. The recession of glaciers in the Karakoram-Himalaya is also a significant component of the contribution of mountain glaciers to global sea-level rise.

We therefore welcome the compilation of this bibliography by Gordon Young and Bhanu Neupane and their contribution to its publication in this series. Thanks are due to Ann Brennan for editorial work, Carol Pedigo for word processing support, and Mike Meshek for HTML formatting of the bibliography for this WWW version.

Roger G. Barry
Director, National Snow and Ice Data Center
WDC-A for Glaciology