Glaciological Data Series

NSIDC publishes the Glaciological Data series on an irregular basis. Issues usually focus on a single topic and include specialized bibliographies, inventories and survey reports, and workshop proceedings relating to snow and ice research, as well as invited or contributed articles on data sets. Contributions are edited, but not refereed or copyrighted.

Glaciological Data series

Issue Title Date
GD-34: Cold Regions: Pivot Points, Focal Points - Proceedings of the 24th Polar Libraries Colloquy (PDF file, 14 MB) February 2013
GD-33: International Polar Year Data Management Workshop, 3-4 March 2006. (PDF file, 1.6 MB) June 2006
GD-32: Snow Watch 2002 Workshop and Workshop on Assessing Global Glacier Recession. (PDF file, 1 MB December 2003
GD-31: Permafrost and Frozen Ground Bibliography, 1978 - 2003. (PDF file, 3.3 MB) December 2003
GD-30: TWENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY. Monitoring an Evolving Cryosphere: Summary of the NSIDC Special Session at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, December 10-14, 2001 (PDF file, 2.4 MB) June 2002
GD-29: Bibliography on the Hydrology of the Himalaya-Karakoram Region (PDF file, 1 MB) May 1996
GD-28: Workshop on Permafrost Data Rescue and Access, 1995 (PDF file, 16.4 MB) 1995
GD-27: Permafrost and Climatic Change: An Annotated Bibliography (PDF file, 14.1 MB) 1994
GD-26: Permafrost Bibliography Update, 1988-1992 (PDF file, 56.8 MB) 1993
GD-25: Snow Watch '92. Detection Strategies for Snow and Ice (PDF file, 33.9 MB) 1993
GD-24: Passive Microwave Research;
Microwave Bibliography Update, 1988-1991
(PDF file, 19.7 MB)
GD-23: Ice Core Update 1980-1989;
Permafrost Data Workshop, 1989
(PDF file, 15.7 MB)
GD-22: Northern Libraries Colloquy (PDF file, 37.7 MB) 1988
GD-21: Permafrost Bibliography Update, 1983-1987 (PDF file, 36.3 MB) 1988
GD-20: Workshop on the U.S. Antarctic Meteorological Data Delivery System (PDF file, 7.9 MB) 1988
GD-19: Tenth Anniversary Seminar;
Passive Microwave Users Workshop;
Microwave Radiometry Bibliography
(PDF file, 19.1 MB)
GD-18: Snow Watch '85 (PDF file, 28.1 MB) 1986
GD-17: Marginal Ice Zone Bibliography (PDF file, 23.2 MB) 1985
GD-16: Soviet Avalanche Research; Avalanche Bibliography Update: 1977-1983 (PDF file, 28.6 MB) 1984
GD-15: Workshop on Antarctic Climate Data (PDF file, 6.7 MB) 1984
GD-14: Permafrost Bibliography, 1978-1982 (PDF file, 66 MB) 1983
GD-13: Workshop Proceedings: Radio Glaciology; Ice Sheet Modeling (PDF file, 8.3 MB) 1982
GD-12: Glacial Hydrology (PDF file, 13.1 MB) 1982
GD-11: Snow Watch 1980 (PDF file, 14.8 MB) 1981
GD-10: Glaciology in China (PDF file, 7.9 MB) 1981
GD-9: Great Lakes Ice (PDF file, 8.5 MB) 1980
GD-8: Ice Cores (PDF file, 13.5 MB) 1980
GD-7: Inventory of Snow Cover and Sea Ice Data (PDF file, 14 MB) 1979
GD-6: Snow Cover (PDF file, 12.3 MB) 1979
GD-5: Workshop on Snow Cover and Sea Ice Data (PDF file, 11.6 MB) 1979
GD-4: Glaciological Field Stations Part 1 (PDF file, 12.8 MB)
Glaciological Field Stations Part 2 (PDF file, 13.3 MB)
GD-3: World Data Center Activities (PDF file, 8 MB) 1978
GD-2: Arctic Sea Ice (PDF file, 15.4 MB) 1978
GD-1: Avalanches (PDF file, 25.5 MB) 1977