11 December 2017 to 15 December 2017

NSIDC Talks, Posters, and Presentations at AGU 2017

For more information on the conference, visit the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting website. At the conference, visit NSIDC at the exhibition hall at booth 1757.

Below, find a list of NSIDC or affiliated talks and posters, as well as sessions hosted by NSIDC scientists and data managers.

Poster session at AGU
Researchers view presentations at an AGU poster hall. Credit: American Geophysical Union 

Talks, posters, presentations

First cited author denotes presenter. Names in bold denote NSIDC staff.

Monday, December 11

  • A13D-2085: A brief comparison of radiometers at NSIDC and their potential to generate long ESDRs. Todd Johnston, Paul Moth, Terence M Haran, Douglas K Fowler
  • A13D-2086: VIIRS Data and Data Access at the NASA National Snow and Ice Data Center Distributed Active Archive Center. Paul Moth, Todd Johnston, Douglas K Fowler
  • B11D-1694: Permafrost stores a globally significant amount of mercury. Paul F Schuster, Kevin M Schaefer, Ronald Antweiler, George Aiken, John DeWild, Joshua D Gryziec, Alessio Gusmeroli, Gustaf Hugelius, Elchin Jafarov, David P Krabbenhoft, Lin Liu, Nicole Michelle Herman-Mercer, Cuicui Mu, David A Roth, Tim Schaefer, Robert G Striegl, Kimberly Wickland, Tingjun Zhang
  • B11J-04: Soil Carbon Residence Time in the Arctic--Potential Drivers of Past and Future Change. Deborah N Huntzinger, Joshua Fisher, Christopher R Schwalm, Daniel J Hayes, Eric Stofferahn, Wouter Hantson, Kevin M Schaefer, Yuanyuan Fang, Anna M Michalak, Yaxing Wei
  • C11A-0896. Comparison of modelled runoff with observed proglacial discharge across the western margin of the Greenland ice sheet. Samiah Moustafa, Asa Rennelmalm, Dirn van As, Irina Overeem, Marco Tedesco, Thomas Mote, Lora Koenig, Laurance C Smith, Birgit Hagedorn, Ronald S Slatten, Andreas Bech, Mikkelsen, Bent Hasholt
  • C11A-0900: Remotely-sensed and in-situ observations of Greenland firn aquifers. Richard R Forster, Clement Miege, Lora Koenig, Douglas Kip Solomon, Nicholas C Schmerr, Olivia Leigh Miller, Stefan Ligtenberg, Lynn Nicole Montgomery, Ludovic Brickner, Julie Miller, Anatoly Legchenko
  • C11B-0915: Firn-temperature records show recent surface warming of East Antarctic interior. Atsuhiro Muto, Ted Scambos
  • C11C-0931: Impacts and societal benefits of research activities at Summit Station, Greenland. Robert L Hawley, John Burkhart, Zoe Courville, Jack Dibb, Lora Koenig, Bruce Vaughn
  • C11C-0930: The Sea Ice Index: A resource for cryospheric knowledge mobilization. Florence M Fetterer, Ann K Windnagel
  • C12C-04: Snow depth spatial structure from hillslope to basin scale. Jeffrey S Deems
  • C12C-08: Through the Looking Glass: Droughtorama to Snowpocalypse in the Sierra Nevada as studied with the NASA Airborne Snow Observatory. Thomas H Painter, Kat Borman, Jeffrey S Deems, Andrew R Hedrick, Danny G Marks, McKenzie Skiles, Greg M Stock
  • C13B-0956: Dissolved black carbon in the global cryosphere: concentrations and chemical signatures. Alia Khan, Sasha Wagner, Rudolf Jaffe, Peng Xian, Mark Williams, Richard Armstrong, Diane McKnight
  • C13D-0986: Flying Fast and High: Operational Flight Planning for Maximum Data Return for Airborne Snow Observatory Mountain Surveys. Daniel F Berisford, Thomas H Painter, Megan Richardson, Alex Wallach, Jeffrey S Deems, Kathryn J Bormann
  • C13D-0987: Using high resolution Lidar data from SnowEx to characterize the sensitivity of snow depth retrievals to point-cloud density and vegetation. Victoria M Patterson, Kat Bormann, Jeffrey S Deems, Thomas H Painter
  • C13E-0999: Supporting Snow Research: SnowEx Data and Services at the NASA National Snow and Ice Data Center DAAC. Amanda Leon, Steve Tanner, Jeffrey S Deems
  • C13E-1001: Mapping Snow Depth From Ka-band Interferometry. Delwyn Moller, Konstantinos Andreadis, Kathryn J Bormann, Jeffrey S Deems, Scott Hensley, Thomas Painter
  • C13H-08: Arctic System Science: Meeting Earth System and Social Impact Challenges through Integrative Approaches and Synthesis. Charles J Vorosmarty, Larry D Hinzman, Michael A Rawlins, Mark C Serreze, Jennifer Ann Francis, Anna K Liljedahl, Kyle C McDonald, Michael Piasecki, Robert H Rich, Marika M Holland
  • H51Q-05: Assessing the competing roles of model resolution and meteorological forcing fidelity in hyperresolution simulations of snowpack and streamflow in the southern Rocky Mountains. David J Gochis, Aubrey L Dugger, Logan Rey Karsten, Michael J Barlage, Kevin Michael Sampson, Wei Yu, Linlin Pan, James L McCreight, Kenneth Howard, Joe Busto, Jeffrey S Deems
  • IN12C-02: Polar Domain Discovery with Sparkler. Siri-Jodha S Khalsa, Ruth Duerr, Chris A Mattmann, Nithin Krishna Ottilingam, Karanjeet Singh, Luis Alberto Lopez
  • IN13C-0075: Examination of Data Accession at the National Snow and Ice Data Center. Donna J. Scott, Lisa Booker
  • IN13C-0077: The United States Antarctic Program Data Center (USAP-DC): Recent Developments. Rob Bauer, Robert A Arko, Frank Oliver Nitsche, Neville Shane, Suzanne M Carbotte, Ted Scambos
  • IN11D-05: Data Integration Tool: Permafrost Data Debugging. Hannah Wilcox, Kevin M Schaefer, Elchin E Jafarov, Peter L Pulsifer, Colleen Strawhacker, Lynn Yarmey, Rajarshi Basak
  • PA13A-0223: New Tools for Sea Ice Data Analysis and Visualization: NSIDC's Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis. Natasha Vizcarra, Julienne Stroeve, Kevin Beam, Jane Beitler, Michael Brandt, Jonathan Kovarik, Matthew H Savoie, Mike Skaug, Trey Stafford

Tuesday, December 12

  • B21F-2005: Collaboration During the NASA ABoVE Airborne SAR Campaign: Sampling Strategies Used by NGEE Arctic and Other Partners in Alaska and Western Canada. Stan D Wullschleger, Lauren Charsley-Groffman, Jennifer Lynn Baltzer, Aaron A Berg, Peter C Griffith, Elchin E. Jafarov, Philip Marsh, Charles E Miller, Kevin M Schaefer, Paul Siqueira, Cathy Jean Wilson, Eric S Kasischke
  • B23B-2064: Characterizing vertical heterogeneity of permafrost soils in support of ABoVE radar retrievals. Alireza Tabatabaeenejad, Richard H Chen, Agnelo Silva, Kevin M Schaefer, Mahta Moghaddam
  • C21A-1104: Coupling of snow and permafrost processes using the Basic Modeling Interface (BMI). Kang Wang, Irina Overeem, Elchin E Jafarov, Mark Piper, Scott Stewart, Gary D Clow, Kevin M Schaefer
  • C21G-1181: Evolution of fast ice thickness from Cryosat-2 radar altimetry data, a case study in Scar Inlet, Antarctica. Mahsa S Moussavi, Ted Scambos, Waleed Abdalati, Erin C Pettit
  • C21G-1183: Operational and Passive Microwave Sea Ice Extent Products: Clarifying applications for the public. Gregory Joseph Deemer, Florence Fetterer, Walter Meier
  • C21G-1182: Assessing concentration uncertainty estimates from passive microwave sea ice products. Walter Meier, Ludovic Brucker, Jeffrey A Miller
  • C21G-1186: There goes the sea ice: following Arctic sea ice parcels and their properties. Mark A Tschudi, Matthew Tooth, Walter Meier, Scott Stewart
  • C21G-1187: Spatial and Temporal Means and Variability of Arctic Sea Ice Climate Indicators from Satellite Data. Ge Peng, Walter Meier, Angela C Bliss, Michael Steele, Suzanne Dickinson
  • C22A-01: A half-decade of field research on the Greenland firn aquifers - major advances and looming questions. Lora Koenig, Richard Forster, Olivia Leigh Miller, Douglas Kip Solomon, Clement Miege, Nicholas C Schmerr, Lynn Nicole Montgomery, Anatoly Legchenko
  • C22A-02: Mapping Solid and Liquid Meltwater Retention on the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets from Space. Julie Miller, Alexandra Bringer, Kenneth C Jezek, Joel T Johnson, Ted Scambos, Richard R Forster, David G Long
  • C23A-1202: Only skin deep? Evaluating the utility of remotely sensed sea surface temperatures in Greenland fjords. Tasha Snow, Brandon Shepherd, Sheena Skinner, Waleed Abdalati, Ted Scambos
  • G23B-01: Trends in ice sheet mass balance, 1992 to 2017. Andrew Shepherd, Erik Roman Ivins, Ben Smith, Isabella Velicogna, Pippa L Whitehouse, Eric J Rignot, Michiel R van den Broeke, Kate Briggs, Anna Hogg, Gerhard Krinner, Ian R Joughin, Sophie Nowicki, Antony John, Payne, Ted Scambos, Nicole Schlegel, Gorka Moyano
  • C23B-1220: Thermal Imagery Details Larsen C Iceberg Calving. Christopher A. Shuman, Ted A Scambos, Jeffrey E Schmaltz, Katherine A Melocik, Marin J Klinger
  • C24B-06: Arctic Sea Ice Structure and Texture over Four Decades Using Landsat Archive Data. Anthony P Doulgeris, Ted Scambos, Kristy French Tiampo
  • C24B-08: Emerging Use of Dual Channel Infrared for Remote Sensing of Sea Ice. Nicholas S. Lewis, Mark C Serreze, David W Gallaher, Lora Koenig, Kevin M Schaefer, G Garrett Campbell, Jeffery A. Thompson, Glenn Grant, Florence M Fetterer
  • IN21B-0045: File level metadata generation and use for diverse airborne and in situ data: Experiences with Operation IceBridge and SnowEx. Steve Tanner, Mark Schwab, Kevin Beam, Mike Skaug
  • IN21E-05: Data Rescue Case Studies from the Cryosphere (Invited). Florence M Fetterer
  • IN23D-0112: Recovering NOAA 1,2,3,4 Infrared and visible high resolution data, 1974-1977. G. Garrett Campbell
  • IN23D-0113: Rescue and Calibration of NIMBUS 1-4 IR Film Products, 1964 TO 1972. Tom Morgan and G. Garrett Campbell

Wednesday, December 13

  • B31J-08: Evaluation of the Committed Carbon Emissions and Global Warming due to the Permafrost Carbon Feedback. Yasin F Elshorbany, Kevin M Schaefer, Elchin E. Jafarov, Dmitry Yumashev, Chris Hope
  • C31D-03: Modulation of Sea Ice Melt Onset and Retreat in the Laptev Sea by the Timing of Snow Retreat in the West Siberian Plain. Alex D Crawford, Julienne Stroeve, Mark C Serreze, Balaji Rajagopalan,Sean Horvath
  • C31D-04: Systematic analysis of Arctic sea ice response to the passage of synoptic-scale cyclones. Erika Amber Patin Schreiber, Mark C Serreze
  • C33B-1189: Patterns of Seasonal Heat Uptake and Release Over the Arctic Ocean Between 1979-2016. Meghan N Helmberger, Mark C Serreze
  • C33C-1210: Towards development of an operational snow on sea ice product. Glen E Liston, Julienne Stroeve, Andrew P Barrett, Mark A Tschudi, Scott Stewart
  • C33C-1214: An Evaluation of Arctic Ocean Precipitation from Reanalyses for use in Snow Accumulation and Melt Models over Sea Ice. Andrew P Barrett, Julienne Stroeve, Glen E Liston, Mark A Tschudi, Scott Stewart
  • C33D-1232: The Contribution to High Asia Runoff from Ice and Snow (CHARIS): Understanding the source and trends of cryospheric contributions to the water balance. Karl Rittger, Richard L Armstrong, Ned Bair, Adina Racoviteanu, Mary J. Brodzik, Alice Frances Hill, Alana M Wilson, Alia L Khan, Joan M Ramage, Siri-Jodha S Khalsa, Andrew P Barrett, Bruce H Raup, Thomas H Painter
  • C34A-03: Combining geophysical techniques to measure soil moisture in permafrost regions. Kevin M Schaefer, Albert Chen, Jingyi Chen, Richard H Chen, Elchin Jafarov, Lin Liu, Roger J Michaelides, Mahta Moghaddam, Andy Parsekian, Alireza Tabatabaeenejad, Jeffery A. Thompson, Howard A Zebker
  • C34A-04: Measuring the Impact of Wildfire on Active Layer Thickness in a Discontinuous Permafrost region using Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR). Roger J Michaelides, Kevin M Schaefer, Howard A Zebker, Lin Liu, Jingyi Chen, Andrew Parsekian
  • C34A-06: Advancing InSAR technology for monitoring the active layer terrestrial water storage and freeze-thaw cycle at Toolik, Alaska. Jingyi Chen, Kevin M Schaefer, Lin Liu, Roger J Michaelides, Howard A Zebker
  • IN31A-0057: Automatic Multi-sensor Data Quality Checking and Event Detection for Environmental Sensing. Qi Liu, Yawen Zhang, Yingying Zhao, Duanfeng Gao, David W Gallaher, Qin Lv, Li Shang
  • NH32A-05: Leveraging Subsidence in Permafrost with Remotely Sensed Active Layer Thickness (ReSALT) Products. Kevin M Schaefer, Albert Chen, Jingyi Chen, Richard H Chen, Lin Liu, Roger J Michaelides, Mahta Moghaddam, Andy Parsekian, Alireza Tabatabaeenejad, Jeffery A. Thompson, Howard A Zebker, Franz J Meyer

Thursday, December 14

  • A41H-2393: Antarctic Temperature Extremes from MODIS Land Surface Temperatures: New Processing Methods Reveal Data Quality Puzzles. Glenn Grant, David W Gallaher
  • A41I-2411: Results From the First 118 GHz Passive Microwave Observations Over Antarctica. Richard McAllister, David W Gallaher, Albin John Gasiewski, Lavanya Periasamy, Robert Belter, Michael Hurowitz, William Hosack, Brian T Sanders
  • A41I-2416: Prelaunch Performance of the 118 GHz Polarcube 3U Cubesat Temperature Sounding Radiometer. Lavanya Periasamy, Albin John Gasiewski, David W Gallaher, Brian T Sanders, Robert Belter, David Kraft, Joaquin Castillo, Joshua A Gordon, Michael Hurowitz
  • C41A-1176: Unraveling the cause of large surface-height anomalies on Slessor and Recovery glaciers, East Antarctica, with multi-mission data integration. Matthew R Siegfried, Susheel Adusumilli, Helen Amanda Fricker, Ted A Scambos, Dustin M Scroeder, Benjamin Eaton Smith
  • C42A-01: Continent-Wide Estimates of Antarctic Strain Rates from Landsat 8-Derived Velocity Grids and Their Application to Ice Shelf Studies (Invited). Karen E Alley, Ted Scambos, Robert S Anderson, Harihar Rajaram, Allen Pope, Terry Haran
  • C42A-03: Early precursors to break-up of the Larsen Ice Shelves, Antarctica. Ted A Scambos, Marin Klinger
  • GC43J-05: Integrating Observations and Models to Better Understand a Changing Arctic Sea Ice Cover. Julienne Christine Stroeve
  • C44B-01: The Looming Potential Gap in Microwave Imagery. How did we get here and what can we do about it? W Stanley Wilson, David W Gallaher
  • C44B-08: How will we ensure the long-term sea ice data record continues? (Invited). Julienne Christine Stroeve
  • GC43J-01: A Recommended Set of Key Arctic Indicators. Diane Stanitski, Matthew Druckenmiller, Florence M Fetterer, Michael Gerst, Janet M Intrieri, Melissa A Kenney, Walter Meier, James E Overland, Julienne Stroeve, Sarah Trainor
  • GC44B-03: Multi-decadal Arctic sea ice roughness. Michel Tsamados, Julienne Stroeve, Said Kharbouche, Jan-Peter Muller Prof, Anne Walden Nolin, Alek Petty, Christian Haas, Fanny Girard-Ardhuin, Jack Landy
  • IN42B-06: Usability and Interoperability Improvements for an EASE-Grid 2.0 Passive Microwave Data Product Using CF Conventions. Mary J. BrodzikMolly Hardman, David G Long
  • PA41A-0308: International cryospheric science capacity building and its role in policy and management. Alana M Wilson, Richard L Armstrong, Betsy R Armstrong, Andrew P Barrett, Mary J. Brodzick, Florence M Fetterer, Jennifer L Fluri, Alice Frances Hill, Rijan Bhakta Kayastha, Siri-Jodha S Khalsa, Alia L Khan, Holly A Miller, Choplon Minbaeva, Adina Racoviteanu, Bruce H Raup, Karl Rittger

Friday, December 15

  • B51F-1852: Uncertainty Source of Modeled Ecosystem Productivity in East Asian Monsoon Region: A Traceability Analysis. Erqian Cui, Jianyang Xia, Kun Huang, Akihiko Ito, Muhammad Altaf Arain, Atul K Jain, Benjamin Poulter, Changhui Peng, Daniel J Hayes, Daniel M Ricciuto, Deborah N Huntzinger, Hanqin Tian, Jiafu Mao, Joshua Fisher, Kevin M Schaefer, Maoyi Huang, Shushi Peng, Weile Wang
  • B51F-1862: Enhanced vegetation growth peak and its key mechanisms. Kun Huang, Jianyang Xia, Yingping Wang, Anders AhlstrÜm, Christopher Schwalm, Deborah N Huntzinger, Jiquan Chen, Robert B Cook, Yuanyuan Fang, Joshua B Fisher, Andrew R Jacobson, Anna Michalak, Kevin M Schaefer, Yaxing Wei, Liming Yan, Yiqi Luo
  • C51B-0975: Ice Shelf and Coastal Change in Antarctica: New Mosaics of Antarctica and its Ice Flow. Marin J Klinger, Terence M Haran, Ted Scambos, Jennifer A Bohlander, Karen E Alley
  • C51C-0993: Calibrated, Enhanced-Resolution Brightness Temperature Earth System Data Record: A New Era for Gridded Passive Microwave Data. Molly Hardman, Mary J. Brodzik, David G Long
  • C51C-0994: Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of Colorado Watersheds Using Calibrated, Enhanced-Resolution Brightness Temperatures (CETB) from AMSR-E and SSM/I for Estimation of Snowmelt Timing. Mitchell Johnson, Joan M Ramage, Tara J. Troy, Mary J. Brodzik
  • C51C-0996: Testing Snow Melt Algorithms in High Relief Topography Using Calibrated Enhanced-Resolution Brightness Temperatures, Hunza River Basin, Pakistan. Joan M Ramage, Mary J. Brodzik, Molly Hardman, and Tara J. Troy
  • C51C-1002: Ramifications of a potential gap in passive microwave data for the long-term sea ice climate record. J Scott Stewart, Walter Meier
  • C53B-1033: Spatio-temporal Variability of Stratified Snowpack Cold Content Observed in the Rocky Mountains. Jeffrey Scott Schmidt, Graham A Sexstone, Mark C Serreze
  • C53B-1040: Spatio-Temporal Variability of Recent Snow Accumulation Across the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide Using Ultra-High Frequency Radar and Shallow Firn Cores. Durban G Keeler, Summer Rupper, Richard Forster, Clement Miege, Simon Brewer, Lora Koenig
  • IN51G-05: How Do We Measure Value in Data Reuse? Ethical Data Sharing for the Social Sciences and Indigenous Knowledge. Colleen Strawhacker


Andrew P. Barrett and Julienne Stroeve

C32B: Seasonal Sea Ice and Snow: Monitoring and Modeling of Processes and Properties from Grains to Global Models I
C33C: Seasonal Sea Ice and Snow: Monitoring and Modeling of Processes and Properties from Grains to Global Models II Posters

Jeffrey Deems

C51E: Quantifying Spatial and Temporal Variability of Snow and Snow Processes I
C52B: Quantifying Spatial and Temporal Variability of Snow and Snow Processes II
C53B: Quantifying Spatial and Temporal Variability of Snow and Snow Processes III Posters

David Gallaher & Molly Hardman

C44B: Using the Satellite Microwave Radiometer Record for Climate Analyses: Past, Present, and the Future Looming Observation Gap I
C51C: Using the Satellite Microwave Radiometer Record for Climate Analyses: Past, Present, and the Future Looming Observation Gap II Posters

David Gallaher

IN23D: Dark Data Revived! Data Rescue: New Discoveries with Old Data Posters

David Gallaher & G. Garrett Campbell

IN21E: Data-at-Risk: Identifying, Prioritizing, and Preserving for Future Generations

Lora Koenig

C21H: The Nye Lecture and Honored Member Presentations
U12A: Creating Inclusive and Diverse Field and Lab Environments Within the Geosciences

Walter Meier

C21G: Remote Sensing of Sea Ice I Posters
C24B: Remote Sensing of Sea Ice II