Precipitation Data Set Station Lists and Overlap Analysis

An analysis of the overlap in station coverage for various precipitation data sets was performed between June 2003 and February 2004 by B. Raup. This analysis was undertaken to provide information that would guide the acquisition of data to fill gaps. The work was funded by the NOAA Arctic Research Program.

Throughout this analysis, data sets are referred to by a letter and number designation rather than by a title. These NSIDC reference designations are linked to data set title and source in a table. See the Precipitation Data Set Inventory (PDF, 73 KB). This table also contains information about bias corrections and coverage for the featured data sets. The table is not meant to be an exhaustive inventory, but rather a summary of the data sets most likely to be important for SEARCH investigations.

Below is a map of station locations for precipitation data sets in the inventory table. Note that in the map the C5 dots in Alaska overlay the C6 dots. For a map of stations from W5, see the Global Daily Climatology Network image. A first step was to create station location listings in a uniform format. Overlap could then be evaluated using station ID and/or proximity.

Map of station locations for precipitation data sets listed in the inventory table.