Task Teams Terms of Reference


At IICWG-XIX in September 2018, the IICWG altered its organizational structure to provide flexibility in identifying and addressing ice service challenges by replacing the Standing Committees with Task Teams. Task Teams work under the IICWG Charter and Terms of Reference, focused on specific themed actions identified by the ice services and discussed by the plenary during the annual meetings. Task Teams will have flexible membership, operating procedures, timelines, and deliverables that are tailored to best address the particular theme for which they are responsible. All Task Teams will be led by a champion who will guide their team to complete specific work items and achieve well-defined goals. Rather than being permanent entities, Task Teams are intended to have a defined life span.

Responsibilities of the Task Team Lead

  • As champion for the theme, assemble a team of willing and committed members
  • Establish goals and milestones, leading the Task Team to complete their tasks
  • Participate in quarterly teleconferences of the Co-Chairs’ Coordination Committee to provide progress updates and assist in setting the agenda for the IICWG Annual Meeting
  • Schedule and chair Task Team meetings and teleconferences as necessary
  • Lead the preparation and presentation of documents and reports at the IICWG meetings
  • Follow-up on action items

List of Task Teams

(Updated 21 July 2021)

#     Task Team Team Lead Status - July 2021
1 ROSE-L Wolfgang Dierking In progress for completion early 2022
2 ICEBERG MODELING Mike Hicks Completed September 2020
3 E-NAVIGATION Jürgen Holfort On Temporary Hold
4 UNCERTAINTY Sean Helfrich Completed September 2020
5 ANALYST FORECASTER COMPETENCIES Catalin Tita Completed September 2019
6 REGIONAL CLIMATE CENTRE CONTRIBUTIONS Scott Weese / Jan Lieser Arctic RCC Complete; Antarctic RCC in watch status
7 ARCTIC COUNCIL INTERACTION Marianne Thyrring Task Team disbanded; co-chairs on-going responsibility
8 MARINER TRAINING NEEDS Keld Qvistgaard Completed September 2020
9 ICE SERVICE VALUE CHAIN MANAGEMENT Søren Olufsen / Caryn Panowicz / Nick Hughes Completed September 2020
10 SEA ICE MODELING AND DATA ASSIMILATION GROUP INTERACTION Lars-Anders Breivik / Dean Flett Postponed to 2021
11 ICE ANALYST WORKSHOP 2020 Patrick Eriksson Postponed to 2021
12 UNCERTAINTY-2 Nick Hughes In progress
13 ICEBERG MODEL CASE STUDIES Mike Hicks In progress
14 SOUTHERN LIMIT OF KNOWN ICE (SOLOKI) Jan Lieser / Andrew Fleming In progress
16 SEA ICE HAZARD PRODUCT Scott Weese / Kevin Berberich In progress

These task teams have assumed responsibility for the work of the former Standing Committees. Past records of the Committees are archived at the following links: