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The International Ice Charting Working Group (IICWG), formed in October 1999, is a working group of the world’s national ice services to promote coordination of operational sea ice and iceberg information services to better meet the needs of their national and international maritime clients. Through collaboration and cooperation in data sharing, standards, training, product development, research activities, and the delivery of information services, the IICWG aims to enhance the safety of maritime operations in ice-covered waters. For more on the history and purpose of the IICWG, see The IICWG - An Historical Perspective After 13 Years. For a comprehensive description of sea ice information services worldwide, see WMO's Sea Ice Information Services in the World.

The IICWG is governed by a Charter and Terms of Reference and has adopted a Vision and Strategic Goals.

The current co-chairs of the IICWG are:

  • Marianne Thyrring, Director, Danish Meteorological Institute
  • Tom Cuff, Director, Ocean Prediction Center, NOAA National Weather Service

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