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27 March 2007

Canadian IPY Stamp Uses NSIDC Data

Canada Post's IPY souvenir sheet features NSIDC Arctic sea ice data.
Canada Post stamp showing two stamps with animals from the Poles, and a sea ice graphic on the stamp sheet

Canada Post has released a commemorative stamp series in celebration of the International Polar Year (IPY).

One of the products in the series, the "Souvenir sheet of 2 stamps," features a graphic depiction of Arctic sea ice from September 2005, the record low, in comparison to Arctic sea ice in September 1979, the beginning of the satellite record. The graphic uses data from the NSIDC Sea Ice Index. To view the entire stamp series, visit Canada Post Collecting: International Polar Year.

IPY is a time dedicated to interdisciplinary study of the polar regions and other frozen areas of our planet. For more information on IPY, visit the IPY Web site.