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19 February 2007

ARCUS Invites NSIDC Scientist to be Arctic Visiting Speaker

Senior Research Scientist Tingjun Zhang has been invited to be the first Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS) 2007 Arctic Visiting Speaker.

ARCUS established the Arctic Visiting Speaker Series to help provide Arctic researchers with the opportunity to share their knowledge with a range of audiences and communities. Zhang will give a number of lectures over a period of several days in Fairbanks, Alaska, beginning on February 20, 2007:

  • Life on the Tibetan Plateau; elementary and high school students in Fairbanks
  • Reconstruction of past climate change from deep borehole temperature gradients: promises and problems; International Arctic Research Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF)
  • Frozen ground and the hydrological cycle; Water and Environmental Research Center at UAF
  • Global frozen ground distribution and its environmental Impacts; Advanced Hydrology graduate class at UAF
  • Riding the Tibetan Express: permafrost and railroad construction across the Tibetan Plateau;  graduate students at Departments of Civil and Mechanical Engineering at UAF.

Zhang’s research focuses on land surface processes in cold seasons and cold regions, especially on permafrost, seasonally frozen ground, snow cover, and their impacts on climate and hydrological cycles. Zhang has also worked with colleagues on permafrost and railroad construction on the Tibetan Plateau.

For a full listing of Zhang's upcoming lectures, or to contact Zhang about lecturing at your facility, contact Stephanie Renfrow at or +1 303 492.1497. For more information about the ARCUS Arctic Visiting Speaker Series, please visit