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14 February 2007

MEDIA ADVISORY: NSIDC Contributes to Two Studies of Ice Flow and Sea Level in Science

NSIDC Lead Scientist Ted Scambos has contributed to two studies for publication in separate issues of Science Express. The studies discuss (1) New discoveries from Antarctica, and (2) Glacier surge and recovery in Greenland. Both studies have implications for sea-level rise and the predictions of the International Panel on Climate Change report, released February 2.

(1) Scambos collaborated with researchers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, NASA Goddard Space Center, and Earth Science Research on the Antarctica study. Scambos and colleagues will be available for questions at a media briefing at 12:00 pm MT on February 15 at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Please contact or +1 202.326.6440 for details; visuals will be available at

(2) Scambos collaborated with NSIDC/University of Washington researcher Dr. Ian Howat to show that partial recovery and slowdown can follow glacier acceleration in Greenland. The researchers found that forecasts of ice loss and Greenland's contribution to sea level require more detailed monitoring of iceflow than scientists previously assumed. The study was published on-line in Science Express on February 9.

To arrange for an interview with Ted Scambos regarding either topic, please contact Stephanie Renfrow, or +1 303 492.1497.