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23 August 2006

Press Information

Many journalists follow the Arctic sea ice minimum extent closely. In response to your needs, we have developed this site with frequent updates on the status of the ice, complete with running commentary from staff scientists and frequently updated graphics.


Please note that we are happy to arrange interviews with our experts during the lead-up and follow-on to the official sea ice minimum press release. Please see Contacts, below.

Milestones to watch for

NSIDC monitors the following milestones regarding the sea ice:

  • Timing of the minimum: whether it happens earlier or later than usual
  • Extent of the sea ice at the minimum: whether there is more or less ice than usual
  • Monthly average extent for September: commonly used to compare the current year’s minimum against the long-term monthly mean
  • Underlying causes for the decline: weather, climate, and ocean contributions

Because this is a great deal of information to analyze, the official press release will be the ultimate source for final information on the state of the ice.

Timing of the minimum

The minimum Arctic sea ice extent may happen at any time between mid-September and early-October; please watch the Arctic Sea Ice News site for the latest news.

Press teleconference

NSIDC and NASA held a joint press teleconference on September 13, 2006. Mark Serreze of NSIDC, together with Josefino Comiso and Claire Parkinson of NASA, discussed sea ice conditions and surrounding factors.

Archived audio will be available for a short time at +1 888.568.0871. For multimedia and scientist biographies, please visit the teleconference page at

Official press release

NSIDC issued an official press release at 9:00 Mountain Time on October 3, 2006, to summarize and present analysis on the running commentary we published on the Arctic Sea Ice News site during the melting season. Read the press release: Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks as Temperatures Rise.


  • Radio interviews:+1 303.492.4549 or
  • TV or on-camera interviews: +1 303.492.1497 or
  • Print/online media interviews: +1 303.492.1497 or
  • General public contact: +1 303.492.6199 or
  • Ayuda en español: +1 303.492.1497 or

To be added to the NSIDC Press Release Notification list, please send an e-mail to with "Subscribe press release list" in the subject and full contact information in the body of the message.

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