RSS at NSIDC: Get Data Announcements, Product Updates, and More

RSS Overview

RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is an easy way to keep up with many different sources of information. RSS feeds from NSIDC provide headlines on NSIDC news, data set releases, product updates, events, and other developments from NSIDC. When you subscribe to an NSIDC RSS feed, you can keep up with the latest developments at NSIDC without having to visit the Web site every day. Links to our site from NSIDC RSS feeds will help you quickly get to content that interests you.

How to get NSIDC RSS feeds

NSIDC RSS feeds works as either a simple RSS feed. You may do any, or all, of the following:

  1. Download an RSS reader, a simple and usually free application that lets you subscribe to feeds from different Web sites, and automatically checks those sites for new headlines. Using an RSS reader, you can subscribe to feeds from a number of sites and easily review all new headlines from a single page.
  2. Subscribe to an online RSS reader service, which does not require you to download software.

How do I find an RSS reader?

To find an RSS reader, you can type "RSS reader" in your favorite Web search tool.

How do I subscribe to an NSIDC RSS feed in my RSS reader?

To subscribe to our RSS feed, copy the URL for the RSS feed you would like to receive into the RSS reader of your choice. A list of RSS feeds available is at right, indicated by the RSS icon. RSS icon Click on the icon for the feed you are interested in, to see the "raw" feed and the URL for this feed.

For more assistance, contact the provider of the RSS reader.

How does RSS work?

RSS is an XML (Extensible Markup Language)-based format.

Feedback or questions about NSIDC RSS?

We welcome your feedback about this project. Please contact NSIDC User Services with feedback or questions.

RSS Feeds

rss iconNSIDC Arctic Sea Ice News & Analysis

rss iconData Announcements from NOAA at NSIDC

rss iconData Announcements

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