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19 October 2011

NSIDC scientists present new research at world climate conference

NSIDC scientists will present new research at the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Open Science Conference in Denver, Colorado, from October 24 to 28.

The conference, titled Climate Research in Service to Society, focuses on how science can best serve society in dealing with climate change. Researchers from around the world will present the latest scientific findings on climate, including new observations of climate, improved climate models, and potential solutions to policy questions.

On Thursday, October 27, NSIDC Director Mark Serreze will convene a session of oral presentations related to the cryosphere—frozen areas of the world—and climate. Researchers will present new observations of the Greenland Ice Sheet, future projections of Arctic sea ice decline, and research on the connections between Arctic sea ice loss and changing weather patterns. NSIDC researcher Kevin Schaefer will talk about the carbon frozen in Arctic permafrost, and how it could add to climate change.

NSIDC researchers Julienne Stroeve, Andrew Barrett, Andrew Slater, and Walt Meier will also present new research at poster sessions during the conference. For more information visit the conference Web site at

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