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New warmth record in Arctic
NewsInEnglish.no (Norway), Fri, 2018-03-09

Zoe Courville and Lora Koenig - StoryCorps
Storycorps.org, Fri, 2018-03-09

Arctic not so chill, warmest winter ever recorded
ClaimsJournal.com, Thu, 2018-03-08

Climate change: what do you meme?
The ColgateMaroonNews.com, Thu, 2018-03-08

Arctic has its warmest winter ever
NYPost.com, Wed, 2018-03-07

The Arctic just had its warmest winter on record
CBC.ca (Canada), Wed, 2018-03-07

Meteo, la causa del maltempo è al Polo Nord?
GQItalia.it (Italy), Wed, 2018-03-07

Arctic winter 'warmest on record'
RFERL.org, Wed, 2018-03-07

Arctic finishes warmest winter on record
TheNewDaily.com, Wed, 2018-03-07

Arctic has warmest winter on record: 'It's just crazy, crazy stuff'
TheGuardian.com (United Kingdom), Tue, 2018-03-06