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Antarctica's ice sheets found coldest than ever thought
ClickLancashire.com, Thu, 2018-06-28

Lowest temperature on Earth, registered in Antarctica, a new study revealed
CanadianHomesteading.com (Canada), Thu, 2018-06-28

Coldest place on Earth hits new temperature low
ApexTribune.com, Thu, 2018-06-28

The lowest temperatures on Earth were recently discovered
GreatLakesLedger.com, Thu, 2018-06-28

On Earth has recorded a record low temperature
MiceTimes.asia, Wed, 2018-06-27

Scientists record new lowest temperature on Earth in Antarctica
MalaysianDigest.com (Malaysia), Wed, 2018-06-27

US researchers record coldest temperature on Earth
YeniSafak.com (Turkey), Wed, 2018-06-27