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More global warmth in June
DTNPF.com, Fri, 2018-07-20

Revealed: How the Earth will look if all the ice melted
Express.co.uk (United Kingdom), Fri, 2018-07-20

Polar bears appear where they never were before
NationalGeographic.com, Fri, 2018-07-20

President Trump’s fake news about climate change
TheEcologist.com, Tue, 2018-07-17

Greenland glacier, half size of Manhattan, breaks off
TelesurTV.net (Venezuela), Thu, 2018-07-12

Coldest place on Earth where you breathe in and die
Nan.ng (Nigeria), Tue, 2018-07-03

Mike Davis: Grasping at straws instead of data
NeoshoDailyNews.com, Tue, 2018-07-03

Cold facts about faux Antarctica meltdown
Heartland.org, Tue, 2018-07-03