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Melting Arctic enables new tourist routes
Geographical.co.uk (United Kingdom), Tue, 2016-05-03

Greenland Ice Sheet melting has started early
Stuff.co.nz (New Zealand), Sat, 2016-04-30

Greenland Ice Sheet melting has started early
The Sydney Morning Herald, Fri, 2016-04-29

Arctic sea ice tracker suspends updates after weird data readings
NunatsiaqOnline.ca (Canada), Thu, 2016-04-28

This item also appeared in the following sources:
ADN.com, and The Chicago Tribune

Earth Day focus on climate change
BCWorldOnline.com, Sun, 2016-04-24

Earth Day, climate compact signing, and the Arctic?
Deutsche Welle (Germany), Fri, 2016-04-22

Climate change sets new records—WMO
Kuwait News Agency, Thu, 2016-04-21

Arctic sea ice set for record summer low
Deutsche Welle (Germany), Thu, 2016-04-21

Live stories volume 10: Under the microscope
ABC.net.au (Australia), Wed, 2016-04-20

The middle of everywhere
WorldPolicy.org, Wed, 2016-04-20