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Global sea ice is at lowest level ever recorded
NewScientist.com, Mon, 2017-01-16

Horrifying sea ice drop captured in simple graph
NewsHub.co.nz (New Zealand), Mon, 2017-01-16

New icy island forms as Arctic glacier retreats
LiveScience.com, Mon, 2017-01-16

Global sea ice at lowest area ever
ClimateChangeNews.com, Mon, 2017-01-16

New studies show Rex Tillerson is wrong about climate risks
TheGuardian.com (United Kingdom), Mon, 2017-01-16

How to know what to trust in the age of fake news
ScholarsAndRogues.com, Fri, 2017-01-13

2016 was the year of shrinking ice
Truth-out.org, Thu, 2017-01-12

Landsat 8 tracks glacial flows, large and small
environmentalresearchweb.org, Wed, 2017-01-11

Watch: Polar bear cam shows Arctic plight
EuroNews.com, Tue, 2017-01-10

Year 2016 confirmed as warmest on record
NunatsiaqOnline.ca (Canada), Mon, 2017-01-09

Giant Antarctic iceberg 'hanging by a thread'
News.Sky.com, Sat, 2017-01-07