10 December 2018 to 14 December 2018

NSIDC Talks, Posters, and Presentations at AGU 2018

For more information on the conference, visit the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting website. At the conference, visit NSIDC at the exhibition hall at booth 843.

Below, find a list of NSIDC or affiliated talks and posters, as well as sessions hosted by NSIDC scientists and data managers.

Talks, posters, presentations

First cited author denotes presenter. Names in bold denote NSIDC staff.

Monday, December 10

NSIDC booth at AGU
Amy Steiker and Steve Tanner engage with visitors at the NSIDC booth in the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco. Credit: A. FitzGerrell, NSIDC.

C11B-05: Advances in operational monitoring of snow in the Alps using airborne LiDAR data. Tobias Jonas, Adam H Winstral, Jeffery Deems, Kathryn J Bormann, Thomas H Painter

C11C-1134: ITS_LIVE: A new NASA MEaSUREs initiative to track the movement of the world's ice. Alex S Gardner, Mark A Fahnestock, Piyush S. Agram, Ted Scambos, Johan Nilsson, Fernando S Paolo, Catherine C Walker, Franz J Meyer, Amaury Dehecq

C12A-01: SnowEx 2019—A time series airborne and field experiment in multiple snow climates. Hans-Peter Marshall, Jeffrey S Deems, Elias J Deeb, Glen E Liston, Dorothy K Hall, Charles Gatebe, Chris Derksen, Leung Tsang, Edward J Kim, Thomas H Painter, Melody J Sandells, Paul Houser, Noah P Molotch, Adele Reinking

C12A-04: Lasers vs. Lasers: An intercomparison between lidar datasets, GNSS, and snow-probe transects from NASA's SnowEx campaign. William Ryan Currier, Justin M Pflug, Mazzotti Giulia, Tobias Jonas, Jeffrey Deems, Kathryn J Bormann, Thomas H Painter, Christopher A Hiemstra, Arthur Gelvin, Zachary Uhlmann, Lucas Spaete, Nancy F Glenn, Jessica D Lundquist

C12B-04: Ice shelf shear margins and sub-ice-shelf channels: Investigating stability impacts on Pine Island Glacier. Karen E Alley, Ted Scambos, Nicholas Donald Holschuh, Richard B Alley, Sarah F Child, Mike Willis, Jasmin S Hansen, David E Shean

C13A-01: Greenland freshwater production and the iceberg environment. Twila A Moon, David A Sutherland, Krisitn Liisa Laidre

C13D-1176: Characterizing Snow Water Equivalent uncertainty in vegetated regions for the Airborne Snow Observatory. Victoria M Patterson, Kathryn J Bormann, Jeffrey Deems, Thomas H Painter

C13D-1180: Do snow models represent differences in snow density between forests and open areas for remote sensing of SWE? Mark S Raleigh, Eric Smyth, Eric E Small

C13E-1190: Evaluation of Pleiades-derived snow height map using Airborne Snow Observatory data. César Deschamps-Berger, Simon Gascoin, Etienne Berthier, Marie Dumont, Ethan D Gutmann, Jeffrey S Deems

C13E-1192: Basin scale comparison of lidar and structure from motion photogrammetry DEMs from the Airborne Snow Observatory. Joachim Meyer, McKenzie Skiles, Jeffrey Deems

C13I-1241: An inter-comparison of five snow water equivalent estimation methods in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California. Kehan Yang, Keith N Musselman, Dominik Schneider, Thomas H Painter, Steven A Margulis, Karl Rittger, Ned Bair, Noah P Molotch

C13I-1243: Snowmelt Detection Using Calibrated, Enhanced-Resolution Brightness Temperatures (CETB) Across Conterminous US (CONUS). Mitchell Johnson, Joan M Ramage, Tara J. Troy, Mary J. Brodzik

C13I-1244: Exploiting High Resolution CETB Statistics to Detect and Characterize Dynamic Surfaces. Joan M Ramage, Mitchell Johnson, Mary J. Brodzik, Tara J. Troy, Molly Hardman, David G Long

ED13A-01: The Indigenous Foods Knowledges Network: Supporting Indigenous Scholars through Research and Academic Innovations. Stephani Carroll Rainie, Colleen StrawhackerNoor Johnson, Peter L Pulsifer, Daniel B Ferguson, Tristan Reader, Mary Beth Jäger, Orville H Huntington

H13J-1870: The East River, Colorado Community Watershed: Hydrobiogeochemical Studies Spanning Scales and Disciplines. Kenneth Hurst Williams, Wendy Brown, Rosemary W H Carroll, K. Dana Chadwick, Baptiste Dafflon, Jeffrey S Deems, Wenming Dong, Nicola Falco, Susan Hubbard, Li Li, Burke J Minsley, Michelle E Newcomer, Joel C Rowland, Heidi Steltzer, Nicholas A Sutfin, Testsu K Tokunaga, Haruko Murakami Wainwright

IN13A-02: Designing Topic Specific Crawls: Comparing Algorithm Performance. Ruth Duerr, Chris A Mattmann, Siri-Jodha S Khalsa,Srinidhi Nandakumar, Omid Davtalab, Simin Ahmadi Karvigh, Prerana Teligi Harapanahalli Math

OS11C-1430: Expert Assessment of Organic Carbon Stocks and Vulnerability in Sub-Sea Permafrost. Sayedeh Sara Sayedi, Benjamin Abbott, Jennifer M Frederick, Brett Thorton, Jorien Vonk, Pier Paul Overduin, Tingjun Zhang, Elchin E Jafarov, Kevin M Schaefer, Subsea Permafrost Working Group

PA11A-09: Potential Impacts of Snow and Ice Changes on Water Availability for People in High Mountain Asia. Bruce H Raup, Andrew P Barrett, Richard L Armstrong, Mary J. Brodzik, Karl Rittger, Alia Khan, Florence M Fetterer, Alice Frances Hill, Alana M Wilson, Siri-Jodha S Khalsa, Adina Racoviteanu

PA11A-11: Linking Scientific Research with Stakeholder Participation for Improved Water Supply Forecasting in the Upper Gunnison River, Colorado. Rosemary W H Carroll, Frank Kugel, Jeffrey S Deems, David Gochis, Logan Karsten, Joe Busto, Reed M Maxwell, Kenneth Hurst Williams

PA11F-0830: Establishing science as civic leadership in Colorado: how nurturing solidarity and social capital across institutions gets you a seat at the table. Samantha Lichtin, Elisabeth Cohen, Erin J. Golden, Dan Powers, Matthew Druckenmiller

PA13C-0876: Constraining cryospheric contributions to streamflow through international collaborations and scientific capacity building. Alana M Wilson, Richard L Armstrong, Mary J. Brodzik, Florence M Fetterer, Alice Frances Hill, Rijan Bhakta Kayastha, Adina Racoviteanu, Betsy R Armstrong, Andrew P Barrett, Jennifer L. Fluri, Siri-Jodha S Khalsa, Alia L Khan, Holly A. Miller, Cholpon Minbaeve, Bruce H Raup, Karl Rittger

Tuesday, December 11

A24K-01: Towards structured coordination of sustained observations of Arctic change: An update from the Arctic Observing Summit 2018. Hajo Eicken, Sandra Starkweather, Hank W Loescher, Roberta Pirazzini, Tetsuo Sueyoshi, Alice C Bradley, Tomoko Koyama, Claire Eaton, Yuji Kodama, Jacob Sobin, Sebastien de Halleux, Carsten Frank, Kang Shichang, Sung-Ho Kang, Melissa Chierici

B23A-01: A pan-Arctic synthesis of non-growing season respiration: Key drivers and responses to a changing climate (Invited). Susan Natali, Jennifer Watts, Brendan M Rogers, Stefano Potter, Benjamin Abbott, Kyle Anreas Arndt, Leah Birch, Mats P Bjorkman, A. Anthony Bloom, Gerardo Celis, Casper Christiansen, Roisin Commane, Elisabeth Cooper, Patrick M Crill, Claudia I Czimczik, Sergey P Davydov, Jinyang Du, Jocelyn E Egan, Bo Elberling, Eugenie Susanne Euskrichen, Thomas Friborg, Genet Helene, Mathias Goeckede, Jordan P Goodrich, Paul Grogan, Manuel Helbig, Elchin Jafarov, Julie D Jastrow, Aram A M Kalhori, Yongwon Kim, John S Kimball, Lars Kutzbach, Mark J Lara, Klaus S Larsen, Michael M Loranty, Sarah Ludwig, Magnus Lund, Massimo Lupascu, Jack W Mcfarland, Anthony David McGuire, Anders Michelsen, Christina Minions, Walter C Oechel, David Olefeldt, Frans-Jan W Parmentier, Norbert Pirk, William L Quinton, Fereidoun Rezanezhad, Torseten Sachs, Kevin M Schaefer, Joshua Schimel, Niels Martin Schmidt, Edward Schuur, Anne-Katrin Selbmann, Phillip R. Semenchuk, Gaius R Shaver, Oliver Sonnentag, Gregory Starr, Paddy Sullivan, Claire C Treat, Mark P Waldrop, Yihui Wang, Jeffrey M Welker, Christian Wille, Xiaofeng Xu, Zhen Zhang, Qianlai Zhuang, Donatella Zona, Nima Madani, Avni Malhotra, Benjamin Poulter, David A Risk

C21B-1317: Thermal Imagery Tracks the Calving and Movement of Iceberg A-68 from the Larsen C Ice Self, 2017-2018. Christopher A Shuman, Jeffrey E Schmaltz, Ted A Scambos

C21C-1349: Only skin deep? Linking sea surface temperatures with glacier discharge and deep fjord temperature change. Tasha Snow, Sheena Skinner, Fiammetta Straneo, Ted A Scambos, Waleed Abdalati

C21D-1360: A Comprehensive Analysis of Arctic Cyclones and their influence on Sea Ice. Erika Amber Patin SchreiberMark C Serreze

C21E-1388Contributions to High Asia Runoff from Glacier Ice and Seasonal Snow (CHARIS). Richard L Armstrong, Andrew P Barrett, Mary J. Brodzik, Florence M Fetterer, Alice Frances Hill, Rijan Bhakta Kayastha, Siri-Jodha S Khalsa, Alia L Khan, Adina Racoviteanu, Bruce H Raup, Karl Rittger, Alana M Wilson,Betsy R Armstrong

C21E-1389: Crossing boundaries and combining approaches for regional scale hydrologic study in the Pamir Mountain source waters of the Aral Sea. Alice Frances Hill, Alana M Wilson, Parviz Normatov, Tamara Tuzova, Mary J. Brodzik, Karl Rittger, Tobia Bolch, Adina Racoviteanu, Richard Armstrong, Inom Sherovich Normatov

C21E-1410: The Snow Data System at NASA JPL. Jason Horn, Karl Rittger, Kathryn J Bormann, Mary J. Brodzik, McKenzie Skiles, Annie Bryant Burgess, Chris A Mattmann, Paul Ramirez, Michael Joyce, Cameron E Goodale, Lewis John McGibbney, Paul Zimdars, Jaime W Salguero, Thomas H Painter

GC21F-1165: Attribution of Sea Ice Changes Across all Seasons Invited Paper 401612. Julienne C Stroeve, Dirk Notz

H22B-01: The Influence of Snow Accumulation on Groundwater Flux to Streams in a Colorado River Headwater Basin. Rosemary W H Carroll, Lindsay A Bearup, Zhufeng Fang, Rina Schumer, Jeffrey S Deems, Wendy Brown, Markus Bill, Wenwing Dong, Kenneth Hurst Williams

H22B-04: A Strategy for Global Snow Information for Nature and Society (Invited). Jessica D Lundquist, Jeffrey S Deems, Michael T Durand, Alexandre Langlois, Hans-Peter Marshall, Mark S Raleigh, Melody J Sandells, Matthew Sturm, Carrie Vuyovich 

Wednesday, December 12

C31E-1575: Examining the potential of deriving sea ice concentration fields from enhanced resolution passive microwave imagery. Walter Meier, J Scott Stewart, Mary J. Brodzik

C33F-1623: Bias Correcting Precipitation Products From Next-Generation Global Atmospheric Reanalyses for the Arctic Ocean. Andrew P Barrett, Julienne C Stroeve

C34B-07: The Evolution of Seasonal Heat Uptake and Release over the Arctic Ocean: A Comparison Between Three Atmospheric Reanalyses. Meghan N HelmbergerMark C Serreze

GC31F-1319: Step or Trend? Detecting and Analyzing Structural Breaks in the Evolution of Arctic Open Water. Michael Goldstein, Amanda H Lynch, Andras Zsom, Andres Chang, Florence M Fetterer

H31G-1963: Estimating seasonal snow accumulation and melt in the Sierra Nevada from GPS vertical displacement time series. Thomas Enzminger, Eric E Small, Adrian A Borsa, Mark S Raleigh

IN33E-0893: Creating Analytics Ready Earth Data from Multiple Active Sources in Near Real Time. Richard Arthur McAllister, David W Gallaher

TT32A: Science of a Rapidly Changing Arctic System. Twila A Moon

Thursday, December 13

A41C-04: Developing a Regional-scale Photosynthetic Carbon Flux Estimation Framework using Atmospheric Carbonyl Sulfide Measurements and a Geostatistical Inverse Modeling Approach. Yoichi Paolo Shinga, Joseph A Berry, Leander DL Anderegg, Arlyn E Andrews, Badgley Grayson, Bianca Baier, J Elliot Campbell, Yuanyuan Fang, Joshua Fischer, Deborah N Huntzinger, Anna Michalak, Stephen A Monztka, Kevin M Schaefer, Christopher R Schwalm, Colm Sweeney, Yaxing Wei, Mary Whelan

A43N-3324: Atmospheric observations inform roles of climatic drivers in controlling NEE variations at seasonal and sub-seasonal scales. Yuanyuan Fang, Anna Michalak, Yoichi Paolo Shinga, Arlyn E Andrews, Kirk W Thoning, Deborah N Huntzinger, Christopher R Schwalm, Joshua Fisher, Kevin M Schaefer, Yaxing Wei, Munish Sikka

C41B-05: Improving SWE for Free: Data Assimilation of Snow Depth from Lidar and Other Techniques Improves Estimation of Snow Density and SWE. Eric Smyth, Mark S Raleigh, Eric E Small

C42B-07: Per-pixel uncertainty for the Airborne Snow Observatory’s SWE products. Kat Bormann, Andrew R Hedrick, Victoria M Patterson, Jeffrey S Deems, Danny G Marks, Thomas H Painter

C43B-02Variation in Snow and Ice Melt Influences High Alpine Water Quality in the Gokyo Valley, Nepal. Alia Lauren Khan, Richard Armstrong, Diane M McKnight, Karl Rittger, Siri-Jodha S Khalsa, Mary J. Brodzik, Adina Racoviteanu

C43E-1833: Exploring surface meltwater classification techniques from multispectral imagery over the Antarctic Ice Sheet. Anna Ruth W Halberstadt, Mahsa S Moussavi, Allen Pope, Luke D Trusel, Colin J Gleason, Rob DeConto

C43E-1847: Estimates of annual surface mass balance from radar for the West Antarctic Divide using an automated layer picker. Durban G Keeler, Summer Rupper, Richard R Forster, Clément Miège, Lora Koenig

H22B-04. A Strategy for Global Snow Information for Nature and Society (Invited). Jessica D Lundquist, Jeffrey S Deems, Michael T Durand, Alexandre Langlois, Hans-Peter Marshall, Mark S Raleigh, Melody J Sandells, Matthew Sturm, Carrie Vuyovich

H43G-2500: The challenges of accurately modeling and measuring snow albedo: two new contributions to improve our understanding. Ned Bair, Karl Rittger, Jeff Dozier

IN41C-04: POES data rescue: 1966 to 1978. G. Garrett Campbell, David W Gallaher, Florence M Fetterer

IN41E-0886: The Infrastructure of Data Reuse and Trust: All the elements to support open and FAIR data along with those necessary for attribution and credit. Shelley Stall, Lesley A Wyborn, Erin Robinson, Lynn Yarmey, Kerstin Lehnert, Mark A Parsons, Brooks Hanson, Brian Nosek, Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld

IN41E-0889: Data management workflows at the United States Antarctic Program Data Center (USAP-DC). Frank Oliver Nitsche, Rob Bauer, Neville Shane, Suzanne M Carbotte, Ted A Scambos

IN41F-0895: Achieving Scaleable Data Management Through a Dataset Level of Service Model. Amanda Leon, Shannon R Leslie, Donna J. Scott, Lisa Booker, Todd Johnston, Daniel Crumly, Amy Steiker

IN43C-0922: Data Quality Recommendations for Data Producers and Distributors: Outcomes from the NASA ESDSWG Data Quality Working Group. Yaxing Wei, David F Moroni, Hampapuram Ramapriyan, Donna J. Scott, Robert R Downs, Zhong Liu

NS42A-01: Combined near-surface geophysical measurements to characterize a firn aquifer in the southeastern part of the Greenland ice sheet. Clément Miège, Richard R Forster, Anatoly Legchenko, Nicholas C Schmerr, Lynn Montgomery, Olivia Leigh Miller, Lora Koenig, Douglas Kip Solomon, Stefan Ligtenberg

NS42A-02: Geophysical Investigation of Soil Moisture Distribution and Behavior in Permafrost Soils from Interior Alaska. Taylor D Sullivan, Any Parsekian, Kevin M Schaefer, Roger J Michaelides, John H Westenhoff, Sean Schaefer, Thomas A Douglas

NS43B-0841: Characterizing Meltwater Within a Firn Aquifer on the Greenland Ice Sheet using Active Source Seismology. Jonathan Guandique, Nicholas C Schmerr, Chao Gao, Lynn Montgomery, Scott Burdick, Richard R Forster, Lora Koenig, Anatoly Legchenko, Stefan Ligtenberg, Clément Miège, Olivia Leigh Miller, Douglas Kip Solomon

PA43F-1404: A stakeholder analysis for Arctic sea ice loss: Defining the opportunity space for usable science. Matthew L Druckenmiller

Friday, December 14

A51P-2443: Identifying Atmospheric Moisture Sources Contributing to Early or Late Melt Onset of Arctic Sea Ice. Julienne C Stroeve, Sean Horvath, Balaji Rajagopalan

B51A-10: Soil Carbon Response to Climate Warming—Using Functional Benchmarks to Evaluate Model Projections of Soil Carbon Dynamics in a Changing World. Deborah N Huntzinger, Christopher R Schwalm, Joshua Fisher, Yuanyuan Fang, Anna Michalak, Kevin M Schaefer, Yaxing Wei

C51A-04: Hidden Water: Investigating the Greenland Firn Aquifer and Implications for Sea Level. Lynne Montgomery, Lora Koenig

C51D-1089: A New State of Arctic Sea Ice Age and Motion. Mark A Tschudi, Walter Meier, J Scott Stewart

C51D-1095: Estimating the uncertainty of sea ice extents in the forty-year passive microwave climate record. J Scott Stewart, Walter Meier

C51D-1096: Regional Variability of Arctic Sea Ice Seasonal Change Climate Indicators from a Passive Microwave Climate Data Record. Michael Steele, Angela C Bliss, Ge Peng, Walter Meier

C51D-1101: Temporal Variability of Arctic Sea Ice Melt and Freeze Season Climate Indicators Using a Satellite Passive Microwave Climate Data Record. Ge Peng, Michael Steele, Angela C Bliss, Walter Meier, Suzanne Dickinson

C51G-1146: Monitoring and quantifying supraglacial lake volumes across Antarctica from a suite of satellite observations. Mahsa S Moussavi, Allen Pope, Luke D Trusel, Anna Ruth W Halberstadt

C51G-1152: Shearing in a Warmer Climate: Insights from Observations and Modeling on Hydrologic Perturbations of an Outlet Glacier. Derrick Julius Lampkin, John Cavanagh, Casey Joseph, Byron R Parizek, Twila A Moon, Ryan T Walker, Eric Y Larour, Helene L Seroussi, Gwenn E Flowers, Alison Banwell, Kenneth C Jezek

C53B-06: Annomalies and Trends in the Sea Ice Cover from 40 years of Passive Microwave Data. Josefino C Comiso, Walter Meier, Thorsten Markus

ED51A-01: Polar Science Communication Workshop: Improving communication skills through intensive training and periodic follow-up. Alice C Bradley, Ellyn M Enderlin, Mahsa S Moussavi, Allen Pope

ED53D-0745: NSIDC's Arctic Sea Ice News & Analysis: An Examination of Sea Ice Data Graphics and Visualization Tools. Agnieszka Gautier, Julienne C Stroeve, Walter Meier, Ted A Scambos, Mark C Serreze

GC51O-0971: A Bayesian Categorical Regression Model for Probabilistic Predictions of Minimum Sea Ice. Sean Horvath, Balaji Rajagopalan, Julienne Stroeve, William Kleiber

H51W-1652: How to Evaluate SMAP Radiometer Spatial Resolution Enhancements from Image Reconstruction? Molly Hardman, David G Long, Mary J. Brodzik

H53E-04: Historical and real-time snow product suite for the Indus River basin. Karl Rittger, Ned Bair, William P. Doan, Mary J. Brodzik

IN53E-0651: Toward a Common Earth Data Publication Framework. Justin Rice, Daine Wright, Deborah Smith, Amanda Leon, Ajinkya Kulkarni

IN53E-0670: Identifying Trends in Scientific Outputs through Latent Semantic Analysis. Luis A Lopez, Siri-Jodha S Khalsa

OS53B-02: An assessment of Arctic observing based on the historically low sea ice coverage of the Bering Sea in winter 2017-2018. Matthew L Druckenmiller, Hajo Eicken, Jennifer Ann Francis, Henry Huntington, Olivia Astillero Lee


Jeffrey S Deems
C13I: Quantifying Spatial and Temporal Variability of Snow and Snow Processes Poster
C24A: One Hundred Years of Cryosphere I
C42B: Quantifying Spatial and Temporal Variability of Snow and Snow Processes I

David W Gallaher
IN34A: Research Data Management: Developing Standards for Data Usability and Trust and Building Capacity with Targeted Data Training for the Research Team I 
IN41E: Research Data Management: Developing Standards for Data Usability and Trust and Building Capacity with Targeted Data Training for the Research Team Posters

Mark S Raleigh
C13H: Modeling of the Cryosphere: Seasonal Snow Posters
C41B: Modeling of the Cryosphere: Seasonal Snow I

Bruce H Raup
C31B: Glacier Monitoring from in Situ and Remotely Sensed Observations I
C32A: Glacier Monitoring from in Situ and Remotely Sensed Observations II
C33D: Glacier Monitoring from in Situ and Remotely Sensed Observations Posters

Walter Meier
C31E: Remote Sensing of Sea Ice Posters
C32C: Remote Sensing of Sea Ice I
C51D: Forty Years of Eyes on the Planet: An Uninterrupted Record of Earth Remote Sensing with Satellite Passive Microwave Instruments Posters
C53B: Forty Years of Eyes on the Planet: An Uninterrupted Record of Earth Remote Sensing with Satellite Passive Microwave Instruments I

Town Hall Meeting     

TH13K: NASA Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite-2 Mission Status. Lori A Magruder, Tom Neumann, Ron Kwok, Ben Smith, Steve Tanner, Thorsten Markus, Nathan T Kurtz

TH15K: US International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) Town Hall: An Overview and Discussion on IASC Research, Engagement Activities, and Associated Opportunities. Matthew L Druckenmiller, Larry D Hinzman, Lee W Cooper, Robert L Hawley, Vladimir E Romanovsky, Michelle C Mack, Gijs de Boer, Alice C Bradley

TH43G: NASA SnowEx Town Hall. Dorothy K Hall, Hans-Peter Marshall, Jared Keith Entin, Edward J Kim, Michael T Durand, Carrie Vuyovich, Jeffrey Deems, Anne Walden Nolin, Mark S Raleigh

ARCUS Arctic Community Meeting Space

Wednesday, December 12
Twila Moon

SEARCH Land Ice and Sea Level Action Team Meeting

Thursday, December 13
Amy Steiker and Steve Tanner

National Snow and Ice Data Center Distributed Active Archive Center Hands-on Tutorial: Programmatic Access to Data with Filtering and Customization Services

The NASA National Snow and Ice Data Center Distributed Active Archive Center (NSIDC DAAC) provides several data access options and customization services to suit a variety of needs, including command line Application Programming Interface (API) access of subsetted and reformatted data across multiple data sets and missions. Come interact with these services at this hands-on tutorial hosted by the ARCUS Arctic Community Meeting Space at the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting. After a brief overview of the NSIDC DAAC’s data access options, we will walk attendees through our API access method, providing ICESat and Operation IceBridge access and service examples in anticipation of the ICESat-2 data release.