12 December 2016 to 16 December 2016

NSIDC Talks, Posters, and Presentations at AGU 2016

Researchers view presentations at an AGU poster hall at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. Credit: American Geophysical Union 

For more information on the conference, visit the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting website. Below, find a list of NSIDC or affiliated talks and posters, as well as sessions hosted by NSIDC scientists and data managers.

Talks, posters, presentations

First cited author denotes presenter. Names in bold denote NSIDC staff.

Monday, December 12

  • C11C-0795: Thermal Properties and Energy Fluxes in Pre-monsoon Season of 2016 at the Ponkar Debris-Covered Glacier, Manang, Nepal Himalaya. Mohan Bahadur Chand, Rijan Bhakta Kayastha, Rakesh Kayastha, Richard L. Armstrong
  • C11C-0775: Closing the water balance using ParBal, a parallel energy balance snowmelt model: a test case in the Sierra Nevada, USA and an application case in the Hunza Basin, Pakistan. Ned Bair, Karl Rittger, Jeff Dozier
  • C11C-0787: Predictions of Future Hydrological Conditions and Contribution of Snow and Ice Melt in Total Discharge of Shigar River Basin Central Karakoram, Pakistan. Javed Hassan, Rijan Bhakta Kayastha, Ahuti Shrestha, Syed Hammad Ali, Iram Bano, Haleem Zaman Magsi, Richard L. Armstrong
  • C11C-0790: Ice melt estimation using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) of Ponkar Glacier, Manang, Nepal. Rijan Bhakta Kayastha, Rakesh Kayastha, Richard L. Armstrong
  • C11A-0761: Investigation of the evolution of altimeter-derived sea ice thickness estimates through the summer melt season using a Lagrangian ice motion tracking approach. J. Scott Stewart, Walter Meier, Mark A. Tschudi, Nathan T. Kurtz
  • C11B-0771: Coldest Place on Earth: New MODIS and Landsat 8 Thermal Data and Detailed Time Series of Cold Events. Terence M. Haran, G. Garrett CampbellTed A. ScambosAllen Pope
  • C11C-0792: A Study on Temperature and Precipitation Variability in Pre-monsoon Period of 2016 in the Dudh Khola River Valley, Manang, Nepal. Rakesh Kayastha, Rijan Bhakta Kayastha, Mohan Bahadur Chand, Richard L. Armstrong
  • C11C-0791: Estimation of discharge from Gilgit River Basin, Karakoram Pakistan using a Glacio-hydrological Model. Iram Sural, Rijan Bhakta Kayastha, Ahuti Shrestha, Syed Hammad Ali, Javed Hassan, Haleem Zaman Magsi, Richard L. Armstrong
  • C11C-0786: Quantifying the individual contributions of snow and glaciers in High Mountain Asia River basins: Amu Darya, Syr Darya, Indus, Ganges, and Brahmaputra. Karl Rittger, Ned Bair, Mary J. Brodzik, Adina Racoviteanu, Andrew BarrettSiri-Jodha S. KhalsaBruce H. Raup, Thomas H Painter, Jeff Dozier, Richard L. Armstrong
  • C11E-06: Patterns of glacier basal motion across southcentral Alaska from cross-correlation of Landsat imagery. William H. Armstrong, Robert S. Anderson, Mark A. Fahnestock, Allen Pope
  • C12A-05 : Dissolved black carbon in Antarctic lakes: chemical signatures of past and present sources. Alia L. Khan, Rudolf Jaffe, Yan Ding, Diane McKnight.
  • C12B-01: Studying Elevation Change in the Bellingshausen Sector of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Allen Pope, Ben Smith, Heather Regan, Paul Holland
  • C13C-0845: Complex patterns of 21st century Greenland outlet glacier change. Twila A. Moon, Mark A. Fahnestock, Ted Scambos, Ian R. Joughin
  • C13B-0817: Shedding Light on the Hazy History of Dust-on-Snow in the Upper Colorado River Basin with Snow Measurements, Modeling, and Remote Sensing. Mark S. RaleighJeffrey S. DeemsKarl RittgerAllen Pope
  • N13B-1655: Demonstrating Condensed Massive Satellite Datasets for Rapid Data Exploration: The MODIS Land Surface Temperatures of Antarctica. Glenn GrantDave Gallaher, Qin Lv, Qi Liu, Rudolf Klucik, Cathy Fowler 
  • IN13B-1653: An Unsupervised Anomalous Event Detection and Interactive Analysis Framework for Large-scale Satellite Data. Qi Liu, Qin Lv, Rudy Klucik, Chao Chen, David W. GallaherGlenn Grant, Li Shang
  • C13C-0855: Multi-Decadal and High-Resolution Observations of Greenland Outlet Glacier Dynamics from the Greenland Ice Mapping Project (GIMP). Michalea D. King, Ian Howat, Seongsu Jeong, Ian R. Joughin, Benjamin Eaton Smith, Ted A .Scambos
  • C13C-0842: Assessing the vulnerability of Antarctica’s ice shelves to surface-melt-induced collapse. Karen E. AlleyTed A. Scambos, Julie Miller, David G. Long
  • C13D-0859: Glacier Melt Detection in Complex Terrain Using New AMSR-E Calibrated Enhanced Daily EASE-Grid 2.0 Brightness Temperature (CETB) Earth System Data Record. Joan M. Ramage, Mary J. BrodzikMolly Hardman
  • C13D-0858: Go_LIVE! - Global Near-real-time Land Ice Velocity data from Landsat 8 at NSIDC. Marin J Klinger, Mark A. Fahnestock, Ted A. Scambos, Alex S. Gardner, Terence M. Haran, Twila A. Moon, Christina L. Hulbe, Etienne Berthier
  • C13E-08: A New Methodology for Estimating Snow Depth over Arctic Sea Ice. Isobel Lawrence, Michel Tsamados, Julienne Christine Stroeve, Thomas Armitage, Andy Ridout, Andrew Shepherd
  • H14F-07: Using the NSF EarthCube BCube brokering interface to study the Saturation Excess/Infiltration Excess nexus within watershed initializations. Zachary M. Easton, Amy Collick, Peter J. A Kleinman, Siri Jodha Khalsa, Daniel Fuka

Tuesday, December 13

  • C21A-0666: Assessment of satellite-observed sea ice concentration and extent uncertainty estimates. Walter Meier, Ludovic Brucker, Jeffrey A. Miller, J. Scott Stewart
  • C21C-0713: Influence of Synoptic-Scale Cyclones on Arctic Sea Ice Concentration. Erika Amber Patin Schreiber, Mark C. Serreze
  • IN21C-1751: The Snow Data System at NASA JPL. Ross Laidlaw, Thomas H Painter, Kathryn J Bormann, Karl RittgerMary J. Brodzik, McKenzie Skiles, Annie Bryant Burgess, Chris A. Mattmann, Paul Ramirez, Cameron E Goodale, Michael Joyce, Lewis John McGibbney, Paul Zimdars, Rojeh Yaghoobi
  • IN31D-1787: Data and Metadata Brokering – Lessons Learned from the BCube Project. Siri-Jodha S. Khalsa  
  • C21B-0683: Patterns of variability in steady- and non steady-state Ross Ice Shelf flow. Adam J Campbell, Christina L Hulbe, Ted A. ScambosMarin J. Klinger, Choon-Ki Lee
  • GC21I-03: Arctic Indicators of Change. Diane Stanitski, Matthew DruckenmillerFlorence M. Fetterer, Michael Gerst, Janet M Intrieri, Melissa A. Kenney, Walt Meier, James E. Overland, Julienne Christine Stroeve, Sarah Trainor
  • C22B-01: Permafrost in Earth System Models: Recent Progress and Future Challenges (Invited). Charles D. Koven, David M. Lawrence, Anthony David McGuire, Andrew G. Slater, Gustaf Hugelius, Nick Parazoo
  • C22B-08: Snow in Earth System Models: Recent Progress and Future Challenges (Invited). Martyn P Clark, Andrew G. Slater

Wednesday, December 14

  • H31G-1483: Using Image Reconstruction to Improve SMAP Radiometer Spatial Resolution. Molly Hardman, Mary J. Brodzik, David G. Long
  • IN31D-1780: Data Integration Tool: From Permafrost Data Translation Research Tool to A Robust Research Application. Hannah Wilcox, Kevin M Schaefer, Elchin E. Jafarov, Colleen Strawhacker, Peter L. Pulsifer, Nicholas Thurmes
  • C31D-08: Arctic Sea Ice Change from 1850 to Present – Where, When, How? Ingrid Onarheim, Tor Eldevik, Lars Henrik Smedsrud, Julienne Christine Stroeve
  • C33B-0783: NASA Airborne Snow Observatory: Measuring Spatial Distribution of Snow Water Equivalent and Snow Albedo. Michael Joyce, Thomas H. Painter, Paul Ramirez, Ross Laidlaw, Joseph W. Boardman, Kathryn J. Bormann, S. McKenzie Skiles, Jeffrey S. Deems, Daniel F. Berisford, Megan Richardson
  • C33B-0812: NSIDC’s passive microwave satellite record: The story behind 30 years of data across multiple satellite platforms. Donna J. Scott, Michael Brandt, Matthew H. Savoie, J. Scott Stewart
  • C33B-0808: Extracting sea ice surface characteristics using spectral unmixing. Andrew Barrett, Julienne Stroeve
  • C33B-0798: Polarization Lidar for High Precision Water Depth Measurements of Glacial Melt Water. Rory Alistair Barton-Grimley, Jeffrey P. Thayer, Lora Koenig, Mahsa S. Moussavi, Andrew Gisler, Geoff Crowley
  • P34A-05: Breaking Ice: Fracture Processes in Floating Ice on Earth and Elsewhere (Invited). Ted A. Scambos 
  • C34C-08: Understanding Glacierized River Basin Hydrology Using a Combination of Hydrochemistry-based Hydrograph Separation, a Temperature Index Melt Model, and an Energy Balance Melt Model. Alana M. Wilson, Karl Rittger, Rijan Bhakta Kayastha, Mary J. Brodzik, Mark W. Williams, Richard L. Armstrong

Thursday, December 15

  • A41H-0169: Pre-launch Calibration and Performance of the Polarcube #u Temperature Sounding Radiometer Mission. Lavanya Periasamy, Albin John Gasiewski, Brian T. Sanders, Chris Rouw, Glenda Alvarenga, David W. Gallaher
  • C41C-0674: Recent Advances in the GLIMS Glacier Database. Bruce Raup, Graham Cogley, Michael Zemp, Ladina Glaus
  • C41E-0715: Greenland firn aquifer investigations from remote sensing, geophysics, and in situ measurements. Richard R. Forster, Clément Miège, Olivia Leigh Miller, D. Kip Kip Solomon, Nicholas C. Schmerr, Anatoly Legchenko, Lora Koenig, Noah Brautigam, Laura McNerney, Julie Miller
  • C41E-0724: Modeling Greenland Ice Sheet Snow and Firn Densities: Role of Dry Snow Density, Liquid Water, and Model Setup. Patrick M. Alexander, Lora Koenig, Marco Tedesco, Peter Kuipers Munneke, Xavier Fettweis, Stefan Ligtenberg, Brice Noel, Michiel R. van den Broeke, Clément Miège
  • IN41C-1672: Curating SMAP Product Quality Information at NSIDC DAAC. Amanda Leon, Shannon R. Leslie, Siri-Jodha S. Khalsa, Karla LeFevre
  • C41D-0702: Field Measurements and Modeling of the Southeast Greenland Firn Aquifer. Olivia Leigh Miller, Douglas Kip Solomon, Clément Miège, Clifford I. Voss, Lora Koenig, Richard R. Forster, Nicholas C. Schmerr, Lynn Nicole Montgomery, Anatoly Legchenko, Stefan Ligtenberg
  • C41D-0703: Spatial velocity response of Helheim Glacier to the presence of a firn aquifer. Lora Koenig, Derrick Julius Lampkin, Twila A. Moon, Clément Miège, Richard R. Forster
  • C41D-0707: Characterizing West Greenland ice sheet runoff losses from modeled and measured data. Samiah Moustafa, Asa K. Rennermalm, Marco Tedesco, Thomas L Mote, Lora Koenig, Laurence C. Smith, Birgit Hagedorn, Irina Overeem, Ronald S. Sletten, Andreas Bech Mikkelsen, Bent Hasholt, Dirk van As, Dorothy K. Hall
  • IN41D-05: The IceBridge Portal - Automated Metadata Generation for Enhanced Data Access. Steve Tanner, Mark Schwab, Kevin Beam, Jeffrey S Deems, Amy Fitzgerrell
  • C41F-07: Evaluation and time series analysis of mountain snow from MODIS and VIIRS fractional snow cover products. Kat Bormann, Karl Rittger, Thomas H. Painter
  • IN43A-1679: The Geoscience Paper of the Future: Best Practices for Documenting and Sharing Research from Data to Software to Provenance. Xuan Yu, Yolanda Gil, Cedric H. David, Ibrahim Demir, Bakinam Essawy, Robinson W. Fulweiler, Jonathan L. Goodall, Leif Karlstrom, Huikyo Lee, Heath Jordan Mills, Suzanne A. Pierce, Allen Pope, Mimi Tzeng, Sandra R. Villamizar
  • GC43B-1157: Evidence for increasing desiccation of vegetation in Greenland? Jeffery A. Thompson, Lora Koenig
  • PA43A-2183: CHARIS (Contribution to High Asia Runoff from Ice and Snow) Lessons Learned in Capacity-Building for Hydrological Sciences with Asian Partner Communities. Mary J. Brodzik, Richard L. Armstrong, Betsy Armstrong, Andrew P. Barrett, Florence M Fetterer, Alice Frances Hill, Holly Hughes, Siri-Jodha S Khalsa, Adina Racoviteanu, Bruce H. Raup, Karl Rittger, Mark W. Williams, Alana M. Wilson
  • PA43A-2185: Community Data Management and the Exchange for Local Observations and Knowledge of the Arctic. Ruth Duerr, Peter L. Pulsifer, Colleen Strawhacker
  • C43C-02: Dynamic de-biasing of large extent weather products to improve snow modeling. Adam H. Winstral, Tobias Jonas, Jan Magnusson, Jeffrey S. Deems
  • C44A-01: Expanded science and management utllity of SWE and albedo data from the NASA/JPL Airborne Snow Observatory. Thomas H. Painter, Jeffrey S. Deems, Danny G. Marks, Andrew R. Hedrick, Kat Bormann, S. McKenzie Skiles, Joseph W Boardman, Chris B. Graham, Bruce J. McGurk, Frank Gehrke, Daniel F. Berisford, Antonio Ferraz, Sassan Saatchi, David Schimel
  • C44B-02: Global glacier and ice sheet surface velocities derived from 31 years of Landsat imagery (Invited). Alex S. Gardner, Ted A. Scambos, Mark A. Fahnestock
  • C44A-02: Assessing the spatial variability of mountain precipitation in California’s Sierra Nevada using the Airborne Snow Observatory (Invited). Ty Brandt, Jeffrey S. Deems, Thomas H. Painter, Jeff Dozier 
  • C44A-04: Supporting, Evaluating, and Planning Avalanche Control Efforts with Lidar-Derived Snow Depth Map. Jeffrey S. Deems, Ryan Evanczyk, Dominic Vellone, Ethan M Greene, Tyler Weldon, David C Finnegan, Peter J. Gadomski, Adam LeWinter
  • C44A-05: Snow water resources monitoring using ASO data - fusing and leveraging three national approaches. Tobias Jonas, Adam H. Winstral, Jan Magnusson, Jeffrey S. Deems

Friday, December 16

  • C51A-0654: Insights into ice-ocean interactions and fjord circulation from fjord sea surface temperatures at the Petermann Glacier, Greenland. Tasha Snow, Brandon Shepherd, Waleed Abdalati, Ted A. Scambos 
  • IN51C-1868: SMAP HDF Data at the NASA NSIDC DAAC: Strengthening Support for Visualization and Analysis of Multidimensional Data. Amy E. Steiker, Shannon R. Leslie, Siri-Jodha S. Khalsa, Amanda Leon
  • IN51A-1830: Tropical Cloud Imagery: 1966-1973: Possible extension of the Highly Reflective Cloud Atlas to earlier years: 1966 to 1970. Marisa Lauren Merola, Paul Lemieux III, G. Garrett Campbell
  • S51C-07: Remote Detection of Cryoacoustic Signals Using Noise Interferometry of Seafloor Pressure Data. Justin Scott Ball, Anne F Sheehan, Ted A. Scambos
  • C53A-0694: Mapping Greenland’s Firn Aquifer using L-band Microwave Radiometry. Julie Miller, Alexandra Bringer, Kenneth C Jezek, Joel T. Johnson, Ted A. Scambos, David G. Long
  • A53B-0275: How Will the Summer Arctic Frontal Zone and its Influence on Arctic Cyclones Respond to a Warming Climate? Alex D. Crawford, Mark C. Serreze
  • C53A-0692: Active Source Seismic Investigation of Firn Aquifer Structure in Southeastern Greenland. Nicholas C Schmerr, Lynn Nicole Montgomery, Scott Burdick, Chao Gao, Lora Koenig, Anatoly Legchenko, Clément Miège, Olivia Leigh Miller, Douglas Kip Solomon, Richard R. Forster
  • PA53B-11: Using Picture-Taking-Thing-In-Space-8 to Look at Huge Ice Things. Allen Pope 
  • IN53D-07: Rescue of ESSA Visible Imagery from Film 1966 to 1973: A Resource for Sea Ice Extent and Reanalysis Verification. G. Garrett Campbell
  • IN53D-08: Evaluation of analog film temperature data compared to original digital data. David W. Gallaher, G. Garrett Campbell
  • P54B-04: Radar Detection of Layering in Ice: Experiments on a Constructed Layered Ice Sheet. Lynn M. Carter, Lora Koenig, Zoe Courville, Rebecca R. Ghent, Michelle R. Koutnik
  • C54A-07: Antarctic Megadunes:Form and Character from Satellite and Field-based Studies. Ted A. Scambos, Christopher A. Shuman, Mark A. Fahnestock, Terry Haran
  • C54A-08: Processes Controlling the Surface Mass Balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet for Improving Mass Balance Estimates: Outcomes from a Community Workshop. Marco Tedesco, Robin Elizabeth Bell, Indrani Das, Edward Hanna, Patrick M. Alexander, Lora Koenig, Michael J. MacFerrin, Asa K. Rennermalm


Mary J. Brodzik, Allen Pope, and Mahsa Moussavi

C33B: Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere I Posters
C41F: Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere: Snow II
C42B: Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere: Arctic III
C43D: Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere: Frontiers IV
C44B: Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere: Land Ice V

G. Garrett Campbell and David W. Gallaher

IN51A: Darth Data: Awaken the Forces to Rescue Old Data for New Discoveries! I Posters
IN53D: Darth Data: Awaken the Forces to Rescue Old Data for New Discoveries! II

Jeffrey S. Deems

C13F: Quantifying Spatial and Temporal Variability of Snow and Snow Processes I
C14C: Quantifying Spatial and Temporal Variability of Snow and Snow Processes II
C23B: Quantifying Spatial and Temporal Variability of Snow and Snow Processes III Posters

Siri-Jodha S. Khalsa

IN21D: New Approaches to Data Discovery Across Geoscience Domains I

Lora Koenig

C41E: Scratching the Surface: Discoveries and Challenges in Constraining Surface Processes over Ice Sheets, Glaciers, and Sea Ice I Posters
C54A: Scratching the Surface: Discoveries and Challenges in Constraining Surface Processes over Ice Sheets, Glaciers, and Sea Ice II

Mark Raleigh

C43C: Modeling of the Cryosphere: Seasonal Snow I
C51B: Modeling of the Cryosphere: Seasonal Snow II Posters
H13L: Blue and Green Water in the Mountains: Water Supply, Extreme Events, and Ecological Responses in Snow and Glacier-fed II Posters

Bruce H. Raup

C34C: Glacier Monitoring from In Situ and Remotely Sensed Observations I
C41C: Glacier Monitoring from In Situ and Remotely Sensed Observations II Posters

Karl Rittger

C11C: High Mountain Asia's Cryosphere: Systems Dynamics and Hazards I Posters
C14B: High Mountain Asia's Cryosphere: Systems Dynamics and Hazards II