2013 NSIDC Talks, Posters, and Presentations at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Conference

9 to 13 December 2013

NSIDC staff at AGUSarah Tressel and Molly McAllister of NSIDC’s User Services Office chat with conference participants at the NSIDC booth during the 2012 AGU Fall Meeting. —Credit: N. Vizcarra/NSIDC

Staff from NSIDC will attend the American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting held in San Francisco, 9 to 13 December. Please visit the NSIDC booth (#324) in the AGU exhibit hall.

For more information on the conference, visit the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting Web site.

Below, find a list of NSIDC or affiliated talks and posters, as well as sessions hosted by NSIDC scientists and data managers.

Talks, Posters, and Presentations

* Indicates presenter

  • Alley, K. E.*; T. A. Scambos. Getz Ice Shelf, West Antarctica: Little glacier speed increase despite basal ice shelf melting. C21E-05
  • Armstrong, R. L.*; A. P. Barrett; M. Brodzik; F. M. Fetterer; D. Hashmey; U. N. Horodyskyj; S. Khalsa; A. Racoviteanu; B. H. Raup; M. W. Williams; A. Wilson. CHARIS—The Contribution to High Asian Runoff from Ice and Snow, Preliminary results from the Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan. GC23D-0966
  • Beitler, J.*; T. A. Scambos; J. C. Stroeve; T. L. Mote; M. Tedesco. Who’s watching the Greenland Ice Sheet? GC13D-1118
  • Brodzik, M.*; B. W. Billingsley; T. M. Haran; B. H. Raup; M. Savoie. Enabling Ease of Access for Earth-Gridded Data with EASE-Grid 2.0. IN13A-1555
  • Campbell, G.*; A. Pope; M. A. Lazzara; T. A. Scambos. The Coldest Place On Earth: -90°C and Below in East Antarctica from Landsat-8 and other Thermal Sensors. C21D-0678
  • Clark M. P.*; D. Kavetski; A. G. Slater; A. J. Newman; D. G. Marks; C. Landry; J. D. Lundquist; D. E. Rupp; B. Nijssen. Understanding uncertainty in process-based hydrological models. C41B-0619
  • Colgan, W. T.*; W. Abdalati; J. E. Box; B. M. Csatho; R. S. Fausto; X. Fettweis; S. B. Luthcke; T. A. Scambos; D. van As; J. M. Wahr; H. Zwally. Millennial scale ice dynamics and the spatial partition of Greenland mass change. Invited. C41E-02
  • Collins, J. A.*; P. L. Pulsifer; E. Sheffield; S. Lewis; J. Oldenburg. The Impact of Software Culture on the Management of Community Data. IN22A-08
  • Crawford, A.*; M. C. Serreze. A New Look at the Arctic Frontal Zone. A43C-0266
  • Deems, J. S.*; D. C. Finnegan; A. L. LeWinter; P. Gadomski; T. H. Painter; A. Fowler. Integration of ground-based and airborne lidar data for improved terrain modeling and snow mapping. Invited. H13J-1505
  • Deems, J. S.*; T. H. Painter; B. J. McGurk. Weekly LiDAR snow depth mapping for operational snow hydrology: the NASA JPL Airborne Snow Observatory. Invited. G22A-08
  • DiLauro, T.*; R. Duerr; A. E. Thessen; M. Rippin; B. Pralle; G. S. Choudhury. Towards Data Repository Interoperability: The Data Conservancy Data Packaging Specification. IN13A-1553
  • Donnellan, A.*; J. J. Green; B. G. Bills; J. Goguen; A. Ansar; R. L. Knight; B. Hallet; T. A. Scambos; L. G. Thompson; P. J. Morin. Global Monitoring of Mountain Glaciers Using High-Resolution Spotlight Imaging from the International Space Station. G33A-0983
  • Duerr, R.*; L. Yarmey; J. A. Collins; I. Truslove; P. L. Pulsifer; S. S. Khalsa. Towards comprehensive discovery and access to polar data. IN41C-1629
  • Eicken, H.*; C. M. Bitz; J. Gascard; T. Kaminski; M. J. Karcher; F. Kauker; J. E. Overland; J. C. Stroeve; H. V. Wiggins. Creating collaboration opportunities for marine research across the Arctic: The SEARCH-ACCESS partnership and an emerging sea ice prediction research network. C31B-0645
  • Fuka, D. R.*; C. MacAlister; S. S. Khalsa; M. T. Walter; M. Z. Fuka; S. A. Pierce; Z. M. Easton. Data de- and redimensioning for optimized brokering access. IN51A-1531
  • Gallaher, D. W.*; G. G. Campbell. Recovery of 1960’s Nimbus Satellite Data for Climate Studies. IN12A-05
  • Gallaher, D. W.*; R. L. Weaver; A. J. Gasiewski; B. Sanders; L. Periasamy; K. Hwang; G. Alvarenga; A. M. Hickey. PolarCube: A High Resolution Passive Microwave Satellite for Sounding and Imaging at 118 GHz. C21D-0690
  • Haynes, K.*; I. T. Baker; A. Denning; R. Stockli; K. M. Schaefer; E. Y. Lokupitiya. Global, Self-Consistent Carbon Flux and Pool Estimates Utilizing The Simple Biosphere Model (SiB4). B31F-01
  • Huntzinger, D. N.*; C. R. Schwalm; A. M. Michalak; R. B. Cook; A. R. Jacobson; K. M. Schaefer; A. Dasgupta; J. Poco. Global net land carbon sink: Results from the Multi-scale Synthesis and Terrestrial Model Intercomparison Project (MsTMIP). B13M-05
  • Jafarov, E. E.*; K. M. Schaefer; J. Watts; T. Zhang. Improved estimates of the permafrost carbon feedback. B21D-0513
  • Jasiak, M. E.*; I. Truslove; M. Savoie. Built To Last: Using Iterative Development Models for Sustainable Scientific Software Development. IN23C-1440
  • Khalsa, S. S.*; J. Pearlman; S. Nativi. BCube: A Broker Framework for Next Generation Geoscience. IN53E-03
  • Lee H.*; D. M. Lawrence; S. C. Swenson; A. G. Slater; W. R. Wieder; C. L. Phillips; D. A. Risk. Evaluating methane dynamics under thawing permafrost using CLM4.5BGC. B21D-0506
  • Leon, A.*; S. R. Leslie; S. Khalsa. Satellite-Derived Soil Moisture Data at NSIDC: Enabling Hydrologic Applications and Research through a Multi-Mission Time Series. H31F-1267
  • Leslie, S. R.*; K. L. Gergely; J. Beitler; T. A. Scambos; J. C. Stroeve. Greenland Ice Sheet Today: A daily look at surface melt of the Greenland Ice Sheet. C33A-0660
  • Liu, L.*; K. M. Schaefer; E. E. Jafarov; C. A. Williams; J. Rogan; H. A. Zebker. Remotely Sensing Tundra Fire Impacts Using InSAR. B41G-08
  • Livneh, B.*; J. S. Deems; B. Buma; J. J. Barsugli. Using Quasi-Dynamic Land Cover to Investigate Hydrologic Disturbance from Beetle-kill and Dust in the Upper Colorado River Basin. H13A-1290
  • Macferrin, M. J.*; W. Abdalati; K. E. Alley; D. van As; C. Charalampidis; A. Crawford; H. Machguth; T. A. Scambos. Inverted firn compaction profiles caused by shallow massive ice layers in the percolation zone of the Greenland ice sheet. C13B-0676
  • McWhirter, J.*; C. J. Crosby; P. C. Griffith; S. Khalsa; M. A. Lazzara; W. J. Weber. Rich Support for Heterogeneous Polar Data in RAMADDA. IN41C-1632
  • Meier, W.*; J. C. Stroeve; J. S. Stewart. Development of a prototype operational NOAA sea ice concentration product from AMSR2. OS41A-1806
  • Meier, W.*; M. A. Tschudi; J. C. Stroeve; G. Campbell. Trends and variability in the distribution of Arctic sea ice extent and age in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas. Invited. C24A-05
  • Moore, J.*; M. C. Serreze; D. Middleton; M. K. Ramamurthy; L. Yarmey. The Arctic Cooperative Data and Information System: Data Management Support for the NSF Arctic Research Program. Invited. IN44A-07
  • Moussavi, M. S.*; W. Abdalati; T. A. Scambos. Bathymetric mapping over supraglacial lakes in the western margin of the Greenland Ice sheet with high-resolution Worlview-2 imagery. C33B-0713
  • Mu, C.*; T. Zhang; B. Cao; Q. Wang; X. Peng; G. Cheng. Pedogenesis and Permafrost Carbon over the Eboling Ridge in Heihe River Basin, Northwestern China. C33A-0698
  • Oldenburg, J.; S. Tanner; J. A. Collins*; S. Lewis; A. FitzGerrell. IceBridge Data Management and Access Strategies at NSIDC. IN31A-1498
  • Paget, A. C.*; D. G. Long; M. Brodzik. A Climate Record of Enhanced Spatial Resolution Radiometer Data. Invited. C14B-01
  • Painter, T. H.*; K. Andreadis; D. F. Berisford; C. E. Goodale; A. F. Hart; C. Heneghan; J. S. Deems; F. Gehrke; D. G. Marks; C. A. Mattmann; B. J. McGurk; P. Ramirez; F. C. Seidel; M. Skiles; A. Trangsrud; A. H. Winstral; P. Kirchner; P. A. Zimdars; R. Yaghoobi; M. Boustani; S. Khudikyan; M. Richardson; R. Atwater; J. Horn; D. Goods; R. Verma; J. W. Boardman. The Airborne Snow Observatory: fusion of imaging spectrometer and scanning lidar for studies of mountain snow cover. Invited. C11C-02
  • Pfirman, S. L.; G. G. Campbell*; B. Tremblay; R. Newton; W. Meier. New IceTracker Tool Depicts Forward and Backward Arctic Sea Ice Trajectories. C51A-0490
  • Pope, A.; J. H. Berkman; P. A. Berkman. Antarctica Day: An International Celebration. ED34A-08
  • Pope, A.*; T. A. Scambos. Glacier Change and an Updated Glacier Inventory of Mongolia using Landsat 8. C21A-0622
  • Pulsifer, P. L.*; L. Yarmey; W. F. Manley; A. G. Gaylord; C. E. Tweedle. Building an International Pola Data Coordination Network. IN41C-1634
  • Raup, B. H.*; S. S. Khalsa; R. L. Armstrong. Merging New Data into GLIMS: Examples from the Himalaya and the RGI. C21A-0623
  • Reed, S. A.*; I. Truslove; B. Billingsley; A. Grauch; D. Harper; J. Kovarik; L. Lopez; M. Liu; M. Brandt. A Shared Infrastructure for Federated Search Across Distributed Scientific Metadata Catalogs. IN53D-1584
  • Reed, S.*; I. Truslove. Building a High Performance Metadata Broker using Clojure. NoSQL and Message Queues. IN33A-1531
  • Rosati, A.* Business and Science—Big Data, Big Picture. IN43A-1644.
  • Scambos, T. A.*; C. A. Shuman; M. Truffer; E. C. Pettit; B. A. Huber; T. M. Haran; R. Ross; E. W. Domack. Evolving Toward the Next Antarctic Ice Shelf Disintegration:Recent Ice Velocity, Climate, and Ocean Observations of the Larsen B Ice Shelf Remnants. C21E-06
  • Schaefer, K. M.*; E. E. Jafarov; T. Zhang; Z. Li; C. R. Schwalm; C. A. Williams. Potential Impacts of the Permafrost Carbon Feedback on Global Temperature. B13N-07
  • Scott, D. J.*; K. Beam; D. Crumly; R. Duerr; M. Savoie; H. Wilcox. Building Upon the Credibility of the Passive Microwave Data at the NSIDC DAAC. IN13A-1557
  • Seo, K.*; B. Kim; D. E. Waliser; T. A. Scambos; Y. Lee; G. Lee. Precipitation decrease correlates with accelerated ice mass loss in Antarctica . G23A-0767
  • Shnoro, R. S.*; H. Eicken; J. A. Francis; T. A. Scambos; E. A. Schuur; F. Straneo; H. V. Wiggins. SEARCH: Study of Environmental Arctic Change—System-scale, Cross-disciplinary Arctic Research Program. C31B-0648
  • Siegfried, M. R.*; H. Fricker; M. W. Roberts; T. A. Scambos. Subglacial flood event observed using in situ GPS data, CryoSat-2 altimetry, and MODIS image differencing on the Whillans Ice Plain, West Antarctica. C33B-0717
  • Slater, A. G.* Probabilistic Forecasting of Arctic Sea Ice Extent. C31A-0622
  • Smith, B. E.*; T. M. Haran; P. J. Morin; C. C. Porter; T. A. Scambos. Finding clouds, dunes, crevasses and subglacial valleys with surface-texture maps of Antarctica. C21C-0644
  • Stroeve, J. C.*; A. P. Barrett; T. A. Scambos; M. C. Serreze; A. G. Slater. Using Satellite Data to Monitor Changes in the Cryosphere. Invited. U44A-04
  • Stroeve, J. C.*; A. P. Barrett. Evaluating Arctic Sea Ice in the CMIP5 Model Ensemble Invited. GC42B-06
  • Tanner, S.*; J. Oldenburg; J. A. Collins; S. Lewis; F. Schaffer. Accessing IceBridge Data Products - The OIB Portal. C51A-0492
  • Tedesco, M.*; J. S. Deems; P. M. Alexander; R. Datta. Combining fractals theory and enhanced spatial resolution remote sensing data for studying scale processes of SMB quantities over the Greenland and Antarctica ice sheets. C13D-06
  • Tressel, S.*; T. A. Scambos; R. J. Bauer. The Antarctic Glaciological Data Center provides support for NSF Antarctic Program Principal Investigators to share their snow, ice and related data. C13B-0678
  • Vizcarra, N.*; J. Stroeve; W. Meier; J. Beitler. Beyond Sound Bites and News Quotes: NSIDC’s Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis Web blog and Scientific Uncertainty. PA21B-1872
  • Wang, K.*; T. Zhang. Climatology and Changes in the Timing and Duration of Surface Soil Freeze/Thaw Status from 1956-2006 over China. C33A-0691
  • Wang, W.*; R. R. Nemani; K. M. Schaefer; C. R. Schwalm; D. N. Huntzinger; G. Zhang; J. Xiong. CO2 Fertilization: What Models Can Talk to Observations. B11E-0400
  • Weaver R. L.; D. W. Gallaher*; A. J. Gasiewski; B. Sanders; L. Periasamy; K Hwang; G. Alvarenga; A. M. Hickey. PolarCube: A High Resolution Passive Microwave Satellite for Sounding and Imaging at 118 GHz. C21D-0690
  • Wei. Y; R. B. Cook; F. Du; A. Dasgupta; J. Poco; D. N. Huntzinger; C. R. Schwalm; E. Boldrini; M. Santoro; J. Pearlman; F. Pearlman; St. Nativi; S. J. S. Khalsa. Integrating Data into Scientific Workflows for Terrestrial Biosphere Model Evaluation through Brokers. IN53E-06
  • Willis, I.*; E. Pope; A. Pope; N. S. Arnold; G. Rees; Biases in Surface Albedo derived from MODIS and ETM+ Data and Implications for Energy Balance and Melt. C21A-0616
  • Yarmey, L.*; S. Starkweather. Metadata Standards in Theory and Practice: The Human in the Loop? IN51D-06
  • Zhong, X.*; T. Zhang; K. Wang. Spatiotemporal Variability of Snow Depth across Eurasian Continent from 1966 to 2008. C33A-0671


Richard Armstrong and Bruce Raup
C21A. Glacier Monitoring From In-situ and Remotely Sensed Observations I Posters
C41E. Glacier Monitoring From In-situ and Remotely Sensed Observations II
C42A. Glacier Monitoring From In-situ and Remotely Sensed Observations III

Mary Jo Brodzik and Richard Armstrong
C11C. Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere I: Surface Mass Balance
C13D. Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere II: Innovative Multiple Dataset Use
C13D. Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere II: Innovative Multiple Dataset Use
C21D. Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere IV Posters

Ruth Duerr
IN43A. Data Scientists Come of Age Posters

Steve Tanner
IN31A. Data Management Strategies for Airborne Science Data