2012 NSIDC Talks, Posters, and Presentations at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Conference

3 to 7 December 2012

NSIDC staff at AGUNSIDC lead scientist Ted Scambos (right) chats with a conference participant at the 2011 AGU poster hall. —Credit: N. Vizcarra/NSIDC

Staff from NSIDC will attend the American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting held in San Francisco, 3 to 7 December. Visit NSIDC staff at booth number 335 in the exhibit hall.

For more information on the conference, visit the 2012 AGU Fall Meeting Web site.

Below, find a list of NSIDC or affiliated talks and posters, as well as sessions hosted by NSIDC scientists and data managers.

Talks, Posters, and Presentations

* Indicates presenter

  • Armstrong, R. L.*; A. P. Barrett; M. Brodzik; S. Khalsa; A. Racoviteanu; B. H. Raup; M. W. Williams. Establishing a collaborative effort to assess the role of glaciers and seasonal snow cover in the hydrology of the mountains of High Asia. GC11A-0956
  • Barrett, A. P.*; R. L. Armstrong; M. Brodzik; F. M. Fetterer; S. S. Khalsa; A. Racoviteanu; B. H. Raup; M. W. Williams. Variability of snow cover extent and snow melt runoff in the Himalaya-Karakoram. GC52B-04
  • Beitler, J.*; M. C. Serreze; W. Meier; T. Scambos; K. M. Schaefer. Just Answer the Question: The Cryosphere in the Public Consciousness. GC22B-05
  • Box, J. E.*; M. Tedesco; X. Fettweis; D. K. Hall; K. Steffen; J. C. Stroeve. Greenland ice sheet albedo feedback: mass balance implications. C51E-03
  • Brodzik, M.*; M. L. Kaminski; S. Tressel. Using IceBridge data to find the polar airborne data required to study sea level rise. C53B-0842
  • Brodzik, M.*; T. Painter; A. Racoviteanu; R. L. Armstrong. Using MODIS to Map Changes in Earth's Annual Minimum Exposed Snow and Ice. C21C-0624
  • Campbell, G.*; D. W. Gallaher; W. Meier. Massive variability in 1960's maximum Antarctic Sea ice extent from Nimbus satellite data. C43A-0594
  • Campbell, G.*; G. Grant; D. W. Gallaher; J. C. Stroeve; J. R. Key. A New Look at the AVHRR Polar Pathfinder Data and Why Good Data Sometimes Goes Bad. C21B-0590
  • Chen, L.*; O. W. Frauenfeld; T. Zhang. Simulation of Soil Temperature Distribution in Russia Based on the VIC Land Surface Model. C13D-0650
  • Choudhury, S.*; R. E. Duerr; M. S. Mayernik; T. DiLauro; E. Metsger; M. Rippin; B. Pralle The Data Conservancy: Early experiences with cross-disciplinary data management. IN22A-03
  • Clark, M. P.*; D. Kavetski; A. G. Slater; J. D. Lundquist; A. W. Wood; D. J. Gochis; E. D. Gutmann; R. Rasmussen. A computational framework to advance hydrometeorological prediction capabilities in cold regions. C33A-0630
  • Das, I.*; R. E. Bell; T. Scambos; M. Wolovick; J. P. Nicolas; T. T. Creyts; M. Studinger; N. Frearson. Widespread wind-scour sites reduce total surface mass balance of East Antarctica. C53D-07
  • Deeb, E. J.*; H. Marshall; A. L. LeWinter; D. C. Finnegan; J. S. Deems; C. Landry. Comparison of Coordinated Satellite and Ground-based X-Band Radar Collections for the Retrieval of Snow Parameters. C33C-0681
  • Deems, J. S.*; D. C. Finnegan; A. Fowler; T. Painter. Integration of ground-based and airborne lidar data for improved terrain model generation. G23A-0888
  • Deems, J. S.*; T. Painter; J. Barsugli. Multiscale hydrologic impacts of dust deposition and climate warming in the Upper Colorado River Basin. C41D-07
  • Duerr, R. E.*; M. S. Mayernik; S. Choudhury; E. Metsger. Data Conservancy Lineage Service: A Key Component for Data Preservation. IN23C-1521
  • Fisher, J. B.*; M. Sikka; W. C. Oechel; C. D. Koven; D. N. Huntzinger; A. Ahlstroem; M. A. Arain; I. T. Baker; J. M. Chen; P. Ciais; C. D. Davidson; M. C. Dietze; B. ElMasri; D. J. Hayes; C. Huntingford; A. K. Jain; M. R. Lomas; B. Poulter; D. T. Price; A. K. Sahoo; K. M. Schaefer; H. Tian; E. Tomelleri; H. Verbeeck; N. Viovy; N. Zeng; C. E. Miller. The State of Land Surface Model Uncertainty for the Alaskan Arctic. B21D-0389
  • Fowler, D. K.*; D. D. Webster; S. S. Khalsa; J. E. Lee; J. P. Dimarzio; D. Hancock. GLAS HDF5: Aligning ICESat 1 Release 33 Data with Future Missions. IN43B-1518
  • Fowler, D. K.*; J. Moses; D. Webster; J. Zwally; R. Schutz; D. Hancock; J. Dimarzio; C. Bond. GLAS Long-Term Archive, Preservation and Stewardship for a Vital Earth Observing Mission. IN23C-1517
  • Fowler, D.*; T. Johnston; M. McAllister; D. Hall; G. Riggs. MODIS Data at the National Snow and Ice Data Center: Improvements for Collection 6. C21C-0629
  • Frauenfeld, O. W.*; L. Chen; T. Zhang. Terrestrial Arctic Amplification Due to Changes in the Eurasian Soil Thermal Regime. GC31B-0992
  • Fricker, H. A.*; A. Abdi; R. E. Bell; S. P. Carter; T. T. Creyts; T. Scambos; K. J. Tinto; M. Wolovick. A network of active subglacial lakes under Recovery Ice Stream from ICESat, IceBridge and image differencing. C42B-07
  • Gallaher, D. W.*; G. G. Campbell; G. Grant. Using an Object Database to Examine Properties of Ice in the Arctic. C21B-0589
  • Hammerling, D.*; A. M. Michalak; S. R. Kawa; S. C. Doney; K. M. Schaefer. Carbon Flux Signal Detection for the ASCENDS mission. A53H-0218
  • Haynes, K. D.*; I. T. Baker; S. Denning; R. Stockli; K. M. Schaefer; E. Lokupitiya. Utilizing Field Campaign, Flux Tower, and Satellite Data To Improve Simulated Carbon Fluxes and Pools in The Simple Biosphere Model (SiB4). B41C-0298
  • Hulbe, C. L.*; T. A. Scambos; J. A. Bohlander; C. Lee. Recent changes the in flow of the Ross Ice Shelf, West Antarctica. C13H-02
  • Huntzinger, D. N.*; C. Schwalm; A. M. Michalak; W. Post; K. M. Schaefer; A. R. Jacobson; Y. Wei; R. B. Cook. Multi-Scale Synthesis and Terrestrial Model Intercomparison Project — A Systematic Approach for Evaluating Land-Atmosphere Flux Estimates. B33H-08
  • Hurley, A.*; M. C. Serreze. Arctic precipitation as represented by MERRA, CFSR, and ERA-Interim compared with station data. C33C-0669
  • Khalsa, S. S.*; C. M. Meertens; D. J. Harding; C. C. Carabajal; R. G. Stockwell. A Consolidated and Reformatted ICESat-GLAS Data Set with Enhanced Quality Parameters. IN43B-1522
  • Khalsa, S. S.*; P. A. Fox; M. A. Parsons. Semantic Modeling of the Sea Ice Component of a Global Climate Model. IN53D-06
  • Lee, C.*; K. Seo; T. Scambos. Basal Melt and Thickness Change of the Antarctic Ice Shelves Revealed by the Lagrangian Elevation Measurement from Satellite Laser Altimetry. C21B-0599
  • Lee, H.*; S. C. Swenson; D. M. Lawrence; A. G. Slater. Modeling excess ice and thermokarst in the Community Land Model. B14D-04
  • Liu, L.*; T. Zhang; K. M. Schaefer; A. Parsekian; G. Grosse; B. M. Jones; H. A. Zebker. Seasonal Dynamics of a Drained Thermokarst Lake Basin on the North Slope of Alaska From InSAR. C14A-01
  • Liu, M.*; M. Brodzik, J. A. Collins; S. Lewis; J. Oldenburg, J. Braucher. Caching strategies for improving performance of web-based Geographic applications. IN13A-1502
  • Liu, S*; Y. Wei; W. M. Post; R. B. Cook; K. M. Schaefer. The Unified North American Soil Map and Its Implication on the Soil Organic Carbon Stock in North America. B13B-0512
  • Livneh, B.*; J. S. Deems; B. Buma; C. A. Wessman. Interpreting changes to Upper Colorado River Basin hydrologic response via alternate climatic and land-cover scenarios. H23J-07
  • Macferrin, M. J.*; W. Abdalati; T. Scambos; D. Van As. Implications of Changing Firn Structure on Firn Compaction Rates Due to Increased Interannual Melt in SW Greenland's Percolation Zone C51B-0784
  • McAllister, M.*; L. Booker; S. Tressel. NSIDC Knowledge Base: Using Knowledge Networking Tools to Help Data Users to Help Themselves. IN51A
  • McCusker, J. P.*; R. E. Duerr; S. S. Khalsa; P. L. Pulsifer; M. A. Parsons; P. A. Fox; D. L. McGuinness. Exploring Sea Ice Composition Using Semantic Data Dictionaries and qb.js. IN51C-1702
  • McGrath, D.*; K. Steffen; T. A. Scambos; H. Rajaram; E. J. Rignot; W. Abdalati. Integrating satellite, airborne, and in situ observations to assess the stability of the Larsen C Ice Shelf, Antarctica. C43D-0636
  • Meier, M.*; G. Peng; D. J. Scott Evaluation of a passive microwave sea ice concentration climate data record. C34B-05
  • Meier, W.*; J. C. Stroeve; A. P. Barrett; F. M. Fetterer. Extending passive microwave Arctic sea ice extents to the early 1950s through a consistent integration of pre-satellite estimates. C13H-05
  • Moussavi, M. S.*; W. Abdalati; T. Scambos. A simulator to assess the bathymetric capabilities of a spaceborne lidar over shallow supraglacial lakes. C21C-0601
  • Oldenburg, O.*; I. Truslove; J. A. Collins; M. Liu; S. Lewis; M. Brodzik. Cool Apps: Building Cryospheric Data Applications with Standards-Based Service Oriented Architecture. N43B-1517
  • Painter, T.*; A. C. Bryant; J. S. Deems; M. Skiles. Hydrological and ecological implications of radiative forcing by dust in snow. B21I-01
  • Parsons, M. A.*; J. A. Collins; J. Oldenburg; M. Liu; P. L. Pulsifer; M. Kaufman; H. Eicken. Understanding the Sea Ice Zone: Scientists and Communities Partnering to Archive, Analyze and Disseminate Local Ice Observations. ED41C-0686
  • Parsons, M. A.*; P. L. Pulsifer; R. E. Duerr; P. A. Fox; S. S. Khalsa; J. P. McCusker; D. L. McGuinness. Interoperability and different ways of knowing: How semantics can aid in cross-cultural understanding. IN34A-04
  • Parsons, M. A.*; R. E. Duerr. Data Identifiers, Versioning, and Micro-citation IN23C-1529
  • Pearlman, J.*; S. S. Khalsa; S. Browdy; R. E. Duerr; S. Nativi; M. A. Parsons; F. Pearlman; E. M. Robinson. Roadmap for Developing of Brokering as a Component of EarthCube. IN23E-03
  • Ross, R.*; J. A. Bohlander; T. Scambos; T. M. Haran; R. J. Bauer. Camera and Multi-Sensor Automated Station Design for Polar Physical and Biological Systems Monitoring: AMIGOS. C13E-0675
  • Scambos, T. A.*; E. Berthier; T. M. Haran; C. A. Shuman; A. J. Cook; J. A. Bohlander. Mass Balance of the Northern Antarctic Peninsula and its Ongoing Response to Ice Shelf Loss. C21B-0585
  • Schaefer, K. M.*; C. A. Williams; C. Schwalm; Z. Li. Estimating Uncertainty in Global Climate Projections using Gaussian Error Propagation. GC43C-1032
  • Schaefer, K. M.*; T. Zhang; L. Bruhwiler; A. P. Barrett; Z. Li. The impact of the Permafrost Carbon Feedback on Global Carbon Policy. PA13A-1990
  • Schwalm, C. R.*; C. A. Williams; K. M. Schaefer; D. D. Baldocchi; T. A. Black; A. H. Goldstein; B. E. Law; W. C. Oechel; K. Paw U; R. L. Scott; B. Ghimire. Carbon consequences of the turn-of-the-century drought in North America. B54A-06
  • Scott, D. J.*; K. Gergely; W. Meier. NSIDC sea ice data: Making it easier for users to choose the data they need. C13A-0598
  • Skiles, M.*; T. Painter; J. S. Deems; C. Landry; A. Bryant. Dust in Snow in the Colorado River Basin: Spatial Variability in Dust Concentrations, Radiative Forcing, and Snowmelt Rates. C53C-0864
  • Slater, A. G.* Uncertainty in Model Forcing : An Assessment of Solar Radiation. C33A-0631
  • Slater, A. G.*; D. M. Lawrence. Diagnosing Present and Future Permafrost from Climate Models. B21D-0413
  • Stroeve, J. C.; A. P. Barrett*; S. Laxon; M. C. Serreze. Using combined records of IceBridge and satellite-derived thickness and extent data to constrain future projections of Arctic sea ice. C11B-07
  • Swenson, S.C.*; D. M. Lawrence; A. G. Slater; H. Lee. Modeling permafrost and hydrological cycle interactions in CESM. C13D-0651
  • Tedesco, M.*; A. Quillet; P. M. Alexander; A. K. Rennermalm; J. C. Stroeve; X. Fettweis; E. J. Orantes; D. Tuia; M. Parkan. The influence of sea ice extent variability on the Greenland surface mass and energy balance. C33F-04
  • Tressel, S. S.*; M. L. Kaminski; M. Brodzik. The NASA IceBridge Project Quickly Delivers Snow and Ice Elevation Measurements of Dynamic Polar Landscapes. C21B-0594
  • Truslove, I.*; J.A. Collins; B. W. Billingsley; J. O. Oldenburg; M. Brodzik; S. Lewis; M. Liu. Cool Apps: Building Cryospheric Data Applications With Standards-Based Service Oriented Architecture. IN41C-03
  • Truslove, I.*; R. E. Duerr; H. Wilcox; M. Savoie; L. Lopez; M. Brandt. Crawling The Web for Libre: Selecting, Integrating, Extending and Releasing Open Source Software. IN11D-1482
  • van der Velde, I. R.*; J. B. Miller; J. W. White; K. M. Schaefer; K. Masarie; P. P. Tans; M. C. Krol; W. Peters. Using 13CO2 as an extra carbon balance constraint in CarbonTracker. A53V-08
  • Weaver, R. L.*; B. Sanders; A. J. Gasiewski; L. Periasamy; D. W. Gallaher; T. A. Scambos. PolarCube — A CubeSat to Monitor the Sea Ice and Atmosphere Temperature Structures. IN33D-08
  • Wei, Y.*; S. Liu; R. B. Cook; W. M. Post; D. N. Huntzinger; C. Schwalm; K. M. Schaefer; A. R. Jacobson; A. M. Michalak. Data Standardization for Carbon Cycle Modeling: Lessons Learned. IN34A-02
  • Yarmey, L.*, and H. Wilcox. Brokering technologies as a framework for collaborative data curation. IN11D
  • Ye, Q.*; T. Yao; J. Zong. Glacier mass changes and its melting water contribution to Rongbuk river at Mt. Qomolangma on the Tibetan Plateau in 1974-2006. C21C-0613
  • Zhang, T.*; K. Wang; J. Liu; F. Ling. Impacts of Snow Cover Changes on Permafrost Warming and Degradation in the Arctic. C21D-03


Richard Armstrong
GC52B. Water Supply in Glacierized Mountain Watersheds: Monitoring Hydrological Transitions and Assessing Vulnerability in a Changing Climate

Jeffrey Deems
C31D. Quantifying Spatial Variability of Snow and Snow Processes I
C33C. Quantifying Spatial Variability of Snow and Snow Processes II Posters

Ruth Duerr
IN22A. Data Stewardship, Citation With Confidence, and Preparing Next Generation of Data Managers I
IN23C. Data Stewardship, Citation With Confidence, and Preparing Next Generation of Data Managers II Posters

Siri-Jodha Singh Khalsa
IN21B. Data and Service Brokering: Mediating Interactions Across Diverse Resources I Posters
IN23E. Data and Service Brokering: Mediating Interactions Across Diverse Resources II

Julienne Stroeve
C13H. Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere I
C14A. Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere II