2011 NSIDC Talks, Posters, and Presentations at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Conference

5 to 9 December 2011

Staff from NSIDC and the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) will attend the American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting held in San Francisco, 5 to 9 December. Visit NSIDC staff at booth numbers 1437 and 1439 in the exhibit hall.

For more information on the conference, visit the 2011 AGU Fall Meeting Web site.

Below, find a list of NSIDC or affiliated talks and posters, as well as sessions and workshops hosted by NSIDC scientists and data managers.

Talks, Posters, and Presentations

  • Richard L. Armstrong*; Adina Racoviteanu; Bruce H. Raup; Siri-Jodha S. Khalsa. The GLIMS Glacier Database: Status and Future Directions. C13A-0735
  • Andrew P. Barrett*; Mark C. Serreze; Julienne C. Stroeve. Recent Changes in Tropospheric Water Vapor over the Arctic. GC51F-1080
  • R. Bauer; K. Leitzell*; T. A. Scambos; J. A. Bohlander. The Antarctic Glaciological Data Center: New Ice Core and Ground-Penetrating Radar Data Sets. C21A-0457.
  • Etienne Berthier*; Christopher A. Shuman; Ted A. Scambos. Continuing mass losses of Larsen B tributary glaciers (Antarctic Peninsula) during 2006-2011. C41E-0479
  • Andria L. Bilich*; Andrew G. Slater; Kristine M. Larson. Snow Depth with GPS: Case Study from Minnesota 2010-2011. C33E-0691
  • S. Browdy*; D. K. Arctur; S. S. Khalsa; W. Sonntag. Achieving Multi-Dicsciplinary Interoperability Across Scientific Disciplines. IN54A-06
  • G.G. Campbell, M. Sandler, D. Gallaher, J. Moses Nimbus Satellite Data Rescue Project for Sea Ice Extent: Data Processing. IN53B-1627
  • Christopher J. Crosby*; J. B. Blair; Claudia C. Carabajal; Terence M. Haran; Michelle A. Hofton; SiriJodha S. Khalsa; Jeff McWhirter; Charles M. Meertens; Viswanath Nandigam. NLAS: Improving the Accessibility and Utility of Lidar Waveform Data in the Earth Sciences. IN54A-07
  • Indrani Das*; Robin E. Bell; Michael Wolovick; Timothy T. Creyts; Nicholas Frearson; Theodore A. Scambos. Elevation Change, Ice Dynamics and Surface Roughness over Dome A, Antarctica using Satellite and AGAP Aerogeophysical data. C33C-0662
  • E. J. Deeb*; H. Marshall; D. C. Finnegan; J. S. Deems; C. Landry. Comparison of ground-based LiDAR and ground-based radar of southwestern Colorado snowpack. C33D-0673
  • Daniel A. Dixon*; Paul A. Mayewski; Elena Korotkikh; Sharon B. Sneed; Michael Handley; Douglas Introne; Theodore A. Scambos. Surface snow chemistry across Antarctic wind glaze and antidune fields. C32B-06
  • Ruth E. Duerr; David W. Gallaher*; SiriJodha S. Khalsa; Scott Lewis. SAGE: A tool for time-series analysis of Greenland. IN43B-1441
  • D. K. Fowler*; J. F. Moses; J. P. Dimarzio; D. Webster. NASA's Long-Term Archive (LTA) of ICESat Data at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). IN53B-1623
  • Helen A. Fricker*; Sasha P. Carter; Ted A. Scambos. Satellite observations of Antarctic subglacial hydrology. C14B-01
  • K. Gergely*; E. Sheffield . Science data, tools and services available from NSIDC. IN21B-1422
  • Terence M. Haran*; Ted A. Scambos; Jennifer A. Bohlander. Updated MODIS-Derived Ice Sheet Data Sets for Antarctica and Greenland: MOA 2009, MOG 2010 Mosaics and Products. C31A-0606
  • A. R. Hurley*; M. C. Serreze. Recent changes in Arctic precipitation from atmospheric reanalyses. C33D-0677
  • M. Kaminski*; M. Brodzik; J. S. Deems; T. A. Scambos. Adaptive Management of IceBridge Airborne Mission Data at the National Snow and Ice Data Center. IN51B-1576
  • SiriJodha S. Khalsa*; Mark A. Parsons; Ruth E. Duerr; Peter L. Pulsifer; Deborah L. McGuinness; Peter A. Fox; Jim McCusker. A Multi-Disciplinary Sea Ice Ontology. IN31B-1439
  • D. M. Lawrence*; S. C. Swenson; A. G. Slater; H. Lee. Advances in Modeling Interactions Between Thermal, Hydrologic, and Ecosystem States in Permafrost-affected Zones in the Community Land Model. C53G-06
  • K. Leitzell*; W. Meier; M. C. Serreze; J. C. Stroeve; T. A. Scambos. Climate Science News 2.0 at NSIDC. PA33C-03
  • A. Leon*; J. A. Collins; B. W. Billingsley; E. Jasiak . NSIDC Metadata Improvements: Building the foundation for interoperability, discovery, and services. IN41B-1404
  • Scott Lewis*; Jess Lacy; Stuart Reed; Ian Truslove; Luis Lopez; Margaret McNulty; Hanchao Wu; Ruth E. Duerr. Libre Systems: Making Data and Software More Available Through Re-usable Components. IN23B-1446
  • Z. Li*; K. M. Schaefer; T. N. Chase; C. W. Bracken; T. Zhang; A. P. Barrett; L. Bruhwiler. Projection of surface warming due to thawing permafrost. GC43C-0938
  • Yu-li Liang, David W Gallaher*, Glenn Grant, Qin Lv. Data Rods: High Speed, Time-Series Analysis of Massive Cryospheric Data Sets Using Object-Oriented Database Methods. IN41C-08
  • L. Liu*; H. A. Zebker; T. Zhang; R. D. Westfall; C. I. Millar. Monitoring Surface Deformation in Polar, Alpine, and Plateau Periglacial Environments From Space Using Radar Interferometry. GC41B-0797
  • M. S. McCaffrey*; J. C. Stroeve. Tipping Points and Balancing Acts: Grand Challenges and Synergistic Opportunities of Integrating Research and Education, Science and Solutions. ED21B-0586
  • W. Meier*; S. M. Mallory; M. Savoie; D. J. Scott; R. E. Duerr; F. M. Fetterer. A New Sea Ice Concentration Climate Data Record for Tracking Arctic and Antarctic Variability and Change. C14A-03
  • M. S. Moussavi*; W. Abdalati; T. A. Scambos. An automatic approach to derive vegetation height using airborne photon-counting laser altimetry data, simulating NASA's future ICESat-2 mission. EP41A-0572
  • Sudhagar Nagarajan*; Beata M. Csatho; Anton F. Schenk; Gregory S. Babonis; Ted A. Scambos; Terence M. Haran; Kurt Henrik H. Kjaer; Niels J. Korsgaard. Generation of a new Greenland Ice Sheet Digital Elevation Model. C31A-0597
  • Mark A. Parsons*. The Evolution of the Data Scientist. IN21B-1421
  • Mark A. Parsons*. How to cite an Earth science data set. IN53B-1618
  • Pulsifer, P.L.*; Collins, J.; Kaufman, M.; Eicken, H.; Parsons, M.; Gearheard, S. Applying Agile Methods to the Development of a Community-Based Sea Ice Observations Database. IN54A-08
  • Bruce H Raup* ; Adina Racoviteanu; Richard L Armstrong; SiriJodha Singh Khalsa. Challenges and Solutions to Handling Multitemporal Geospatial Data: Glacier Mapping Case Study. IN41B-1401
  • Susan R. Rogers*; Ted A. Scambos; Bruce H. Raup; Terence M. Haran; Marilyn L. Kaminski. Along-Track Products from NASA's Operation IceBridge Flight Line Data. C41E-0458
  • M. Savoie*; W. Meier; S. M. Mallory; D. J. Scott. Challenges and Decisions in Producing a Sea Ice Concentration Climate Data Record. C23B-0490
  • Ted A. Scambos*; Massimo Frezzotti; Terence M. Haran; Jennifer A. Bohlander; Jan Lenaerts; Kenneth C. Jezek; Tom Neumann. Wind Glaze Characteristics and Extent on the East Antarctic Plateau. C32B-08
  • K. M. Schaefer*; T. Zhang; L. Bruhwiler; A. P. Barrett; Z. Li. Can We Avoid the Permafrost Carbon Tipping Point? GC42B-01.
  • K. M. Schaefer*; T. Zhang; L. Bruhwiler; A. P. Barrett; Z. Li. Global Policy Implications of Thawing Permafrost. PA23C-1759.
  • Christopher A. Shuman*; Theodore A. Scambos; Mark A. Fahnestock; Vijay P. Suchdeo. Antarctic Megadunes – Assessment of Topographic Form and Windward Progradation from ICESat Altimetry, 2003-2009. C32B-07
  • M. J. Schwab*; M. Stanley; J. Pals; M. Brodzik; C. Fowler. Solutions for extracting file level spatial metadata from airborne mission data. IN51B-1586
  • D. J. Scott*; K. Gergely; A. Leon. Authoritative Data Records: Implications Beyond the Science. C23B-0491
  • R. B. Simmon*; K. Ward; M. J. Carlowicz; J. Allen; H. Riebeek; P. Przyborski; M. Scott . Methods to Enhance Climate Change Imagery for Communication U11B-0017
  • M. Skiles*; T. H. Painter; J. S. Deems; A. P. Barrett. Interannual Variability in Dust Deposition, Radiative Forcing, and Snowmelt Rates in the Colorado River Basin. C41F-05
  • Andrew G. Slater*; Martyn P. Clark; Andrew P. Barrett; Balaji Rajagopalan; James L. McCreight. Parameter Transfer in a Conceptual Snow Model. H41I-08
  • Julienne C. Stroeve*; Andrew P. Barrett. Assessment of Arctic Sea Ice in the CMIP5 Climate Models. C21D-04
  • J. Tong*; I. Velicogna; T. Zhang; J. S. Kimball. Increase in groundwater storage in discontinuous permafrost areas in Eurasia and impact on vegetation productivity GC41C-0836
  • Ian Truslove*; Brendan W. Billingsley; Jess Lacy; Stuart Reed; Scott Lewis; Mary Jo Brodzik; Marilyn Kaminski; Luis Lopez; Margaret McNulty; Hanchao Wu. A Software Architecture To Encourage Internal And External Software Reuse. IN23B-1450
  • Mark A. Tschudi*; Charles Fowler; James A. Maslanik; Julienne C. Stroeve. Climate Data Records (CDRs) for Ice Motion and Ice Age. C14A-02
  • N. B. Vizcarra*; A. Wallace. The Role of Photography in the Study of Climate Change. GC43B-0894
  • R. L. Weaver*; A. L. Labelle-Hamer; S. A. Arko; J. Nicoll. Building Synergy Between NASA DAACS: The ASF–NSIDC–SMAP Partnership. IN41B-1402

* Indicates presenter


Mary Jo Brodzik and Marilyn Kaminski
IN34A. Real Uses of Open Standards and Technologies

Marilyn Kaminski
IN13. Data Management Strategies for Airborne Science Data

Mark Parsons and Ruth Duerr
IN52A. Issues in Scientific Data Preservation and Stewardship

Ruth Duerr
IN21B. Rise of the Data Scientist Posters
IN53B. Issues in Scientific Data Preservation and Stewardship II Posters
ED51D. Science Data Reuse: Art and Literacy Programs for Engagement I

Jeff Deems
C21D Modeling of the Cryosphere I
C23F Quantifying Spatial Variability of Snow and Snow Processes I
C33B Modeling of the Cryosphere III Posters
C33D Quantifying Spatial Variability of Snow and Snow Processes III Posters

Richard Armstrong and Bruce Raup
C13A. Glacier Monitoring From In Situ and Remotely Sensed Observations I Posters

Bruce Raup
C21C. Glacier Monitoring From In Situ and Remotely Sensed Observations II

Walt Meier
C14: Documenting the state of the cryosphere with climate data records

Tingjun Zhang
C21D. Modeling of the Cryosphere I
C33B. Modeling of the Cryosphere III Posters


Data Management 101 for Scientists

NSIDC staff member Ruth Duerr will present a half-day data management workshop at AGU. The workshop will introduce everything the modern data-producing scientist needs to know about data management. Topics include discussing the rationale for data management planning particularly in the context of the National Science Foundation's requirement for a two-page data management plan to accompany every proposal, dealing with data during the course of research, finding and working with a long term archive, and properly giving credit to other data producers.