2007 NSIDC Experts at American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Conference

10–14 December 2007

2007 AGU Fall Meeting Web site

San Francisco, California, USA
December 10–14, 2007

A range of experts from NSIDC attended AGU Fall Conference, presenting posters and talks on everything from understanding how permafrost and snow affect the carbon cycle to discussing plans for creating a network for sharing IPY data. Highlights include several presentations of note:

  • Senior Scientist Mark Serreze presented this year's Nye Lecture; he discussed the status of climate change in the Arctic. The Nye Lecture is a special lecture requested on behalf of the AGU Cryospheric Focus Group. AGU has made a Webcast of the lecture available at http://www.agu.org/webcast/fm07/; scroll to "C24A Nye Lecture: Arctic Climate Change: Where Reality Exceeds Expectations" and click on "Play Presentation."
  • Post-Doctoral Researcher Ian Howat, winner of the 2007 Young Investigator Award, presented a follow-up to his research recently published in Science, discussing Greenland ice melt, sudden glacial retreat, and implications for sea-level rise. Congratulations to Dr. Howat on this prestigious honor from the AGU Cryospheric Focus Group.

For dates and times for these and other presentations of interest to journalists and non-cryospheric scientists, open NSIDC Scientist Presentations at AGU (PDF 44 KB). For a complete listing of AGU presentations by all NSIDC personnel, please use the personal itinerary tool for the Fall meeting at the American Geophysical Union Web site and search for "@nsidc.org" or contact nsidc@nsidc.org.

When you were not attending sessions, we hope you visited NSIDC at booth number 139. We offer information on new and updated data sets and tools, data resources for cryospheric and Earth science researchers, and information for journalists, educators, and the general public.