NSIDC at AGU Fall Meeting

NSIDC staff are indicated in italics.

Invited Speakers

Explosive break-up of Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctica, by a meltwater-triggered iceberg capsize mechanism. D R MacAyeal, C L Hulbe, T A Scambos, M A Fahnestock.

Changes in Permafrost Dynamics and Their Hydrologic Implications over the Russian Arctic Drainage Basin. T Zhang.

Atmospheric Aspects of Recent Arctic Environmental Change. M C Serreze.

Invited Posters

The Cold Land Process Experiment's (CLPX) Local Scale Observation Site. J P Hardy, D Cline, K Elder, R E Davis, J Pomeroy, Y Koh, R Armstrong, T Koike, K McDonald.

Submitted/Accepted Speakers

The Large-Scale Hydro-Climatology of the Terrestrial Arctic Drainage System. M C Serreze, M P Clark, A J Etringer, T Zhang, D H Bromwich, R Lammers.

Hemispheric-scale Snow Cover Climatologies Derived From Satellite Remote Sensing. R L Armstrong, M Brodzik, M H Savoie.

Origin of Measured Precipitation on Alaska's North Slope. D L Kane, M C Serreze, K Yoshikawa, L D Hinzman.

New Challenges to the Permafrost Community: Construction of the Qinghai-Xizang (Tibetan) Railroad. G Cheng, X Li, T Zhang.

Poster Presentations

Data holdings of the Antarctic Glaciological Data Center. B Sheffield, R Bauer, T Scambos, G Scharfen.

The Ice Core Data Gateway: The one stop gateway to ice core data held at the Antarctic Glaciological Data Center (AGDC), the World Data Center for Paleoclimatology, and the Arctic System Science's Data Coordination Center (ADCC). R Bauer, T Scambos, M Eakin, D Anderson, C McNeave.

The Antarctic Master Directory -- a resource for Antarctic Scientists. G Scharfen, R Bauer.

Modeling Active Layer Depth Over Permafrost for the Arctic Drainage Basin and the Comparison to Measurements at CALM Field Sites. C Oelke, T Zhang, M Serreze, R Armstrong.

Using Snow Water Equivalent to Understand the Hydrology of the Arctic Drainage System. F Lo, M C Serreze.

Another Look at Precipitation Recycling With Application to the Arctic. R I Cullather, A H Lynch, M C Serreze.

Backtrack Orbit Search Algorithm. K Knowles, R Swick.

Spatial Tools for a Round Planet. R Swick, K Knowles.

The EOS Imaging Tool. R Weaver, M Savoie, S S Khalsa.

The MODIS Snow Products - an integral part of the MODIS Land Surface Products. M Kaminski, G Scharfen, D K Hall, B McLean, S S Khalsa, T Haran, J Wolfe.

Glacier Fluctuation and Climate Change: the NOAA/NSIDC Glacier Photo Digitization Project. T L Mullins, R Armstrong, A Machado, I Wang, L Ballagh, A Paserba, M Edwards, L Yohe, F Fetterer.

Mapping Changes in Glacier Form and Size During Rapid Recession; Examples From the Central Tien Shan. S S Khalsa.

Application of ASTER Images and Historical Data to Estimate the Disintegration of a Glacier System. R G Barry, M B Dyurgerov, T Khromova.

Northern Hemisphere Snow Extent Trends Derived From Visible and Microwave Satellite Data. M Brodzik, R L Armstrong.

Climate Change: Evidence from Historical Soil Temperature Measurements in the Russian Arctic and Subarctic. T Zhang, M Serreze, R G Barry, D Gilichinsky, A Etringer, J Bohlander.

NSIDC Sea Ice Index Product Reveals Anomalously Low Arctic Ice Extent in Summer, 2002. F Fetterer, K Knowles, J Stroeve.

Characterizing the Pan-Arctic Hydrologic Cycle with Arctic-RIMS. R B Lammers, A Shiklomanov, M A Rawlins, M Serreze, C Oelke, C J Vorosmarty.

Readiness of the Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS) Database at NSIDC. V Troisi, G Scharfen, B Raup, S S Khalsa, R Swick, I Wang, R Barry, M Dyurgerov, T Khromova.

The Arctic System Science (ARCSS) Data Coordination Center (ADCC): An Arctic Data and Information Resource Center. R J Dichtl, C McNeave, Y Axford, M Hartman, N Auerbach, B Sheffield.

An Assessment of Passive Microwave Sea Ice Products at the NSIDC DAAC. D J Scott, J Stroeve, M Marquis.

The NASA Cold Land Processes Field Experiment (CLPX). D Cline, K Elder, B Davis, J Hardy, G Liston, M Parsons.

Impact of Seasonal Snow Cover on Surface Heat Fluxes and Active Layer Thickness in the Alaskan Arctic. F Ling, Z Zeng, T Zhang .

The Frozen Ground Data Center: New Data for the International Permafrost Community. M A Parsons, T Zhang.

De-striping of MODIS Optical Bands for Ice Sheet Mapping and Topography. T M Haran, M A Fahnestock, T A Scambos.