BCube: Technology


The roots of the brokering technology development began in 2007 with the GEOSS Interoperability Process Pilot Project (IP3) experiments* of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO). The Broker was formally developed under the EuroGEOSS project, and has since been developed further and successfully tested with U.S. and European institutions for data discovery and access. Further capabilities in workflows, semantics and crawling are being added in BCube.

Using an agile development process, the BCube team, is:

Creating brokering interfaces that will be easy to use. BCube brokers are modules within the Broker Framework. Each module will mediate a different kind of interaction—for discovery, data access, semantics, transformation services or workflows

Enabling discovery of data and services that are ready to be brokered by crawling the web for various types of data and service descriptions. This demonstration will also experiment with automatically configuring the various broker modules to use the newly discovered data.

Creating a test and validation environment in the cloud for the geoscience and cyberinfrastructure community to demonstrate the maturity of the BCube modules and obtain user feedback.

*Khalsa, Siri Jodha Singh, Stefano Nativi, and Gary N. Geller. "The GEOSS interoperability process pilot project (IP3)." Geoscience and Remote Sensing, IEEE Transactions on 47.1 (2009): 80-91.