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Title Graphic: IceTrek: Exploring the Lifecycle of a Drifting Antarctic Iceberg

Mission Log

28 Aug-25 Jan
26 Jan-4 Feb
5 Feb-1 March
2 March-6 March
7 March-19 March
20 March-27 March
28 March-11 April
Preparation En Route to Marmabio Station, Antarctica Reconnaissance (Marambio) Mid-Size Iceberg Deployment (AMIGOSberg) A22A Deployment En Route to Boulder, CO, USA Expedition Postlude

Expedition Postlude

Below is the last Mission Log entry, as the expedition is officially over. The IceTrek team continued to post entries Research Updates section of the Web site until September 2008. Findings from the expedition were published in the Journal of Glaciology in September, 2008.

11 April 2006

The IceTrek team has a lot of people and organizations to thank for our fantastic adventure. If we named every person who helped with the project, we'd need an entire Web section dedicated to the list. So to name just a few: John Evans and Melissa Rider of Raytheon Polar Services Corporation; Milenko, Gustavo, and Ximena of AGUNSA, an international customs logistics agency in Punta Arenas; the officers of the Rio Gallegos Airbase; the staff at Base Marambio in the Antarctic Peninsula; and the pilots and crew of the Irizar.

And of course, a special thanks to our funding agency in the United States, National Science Foundation's Office of Polar Programs. Without its support, we would not have had the opportunity to do this research at all.

It has been a spectacular and successful trip. Thanks for tagging along with us!

3 April 2006

The Icetrek Team returned to their respective home offices in the last few days of March. The team has unpacked and has recently had a chance to assess the early results of the work. Please see the Research Updates section of the Web site for the 3 April science report.