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Permafrost and Frozen Ground Bibliography, 1978-2003

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The Permafrost and Frozen Ground Bibliography was first published in 1983 in the World Data Center's Glaciological Data series as Glaciological Data Report 14 (GD-14), and subsequently updated in GD-21 (1988), and GD-26 (1993). The first complete electronic version was published on the CAPS Version 1 CD-ROM in 1998. This online version of the Permafrost and Frozen Ground Bibliography contains over 14,000 citations for materials dating from 1783 to 2003.

The holdings of the National Snow and Ice Data Center/World Data Center for Glaciology, Boulder, were used as the starting point for the information gathered, and references from a variety of geoscience, engineering, and cold region library databases were added. International monographs, journal articles, conference proceedings, dissertations, newspaper articles, and grey literature (e.g., reports, non-commercial translations, bibliographies, and government reports not published commercially) are included. Note: Transliterations of citations in the cyrillic alphabet were performed by a variety of sources. Users should note that differences may occur in the spelling of words and names.

The keywords and search terms used to gather citations from these databases were chosen from a sampling of the various thesauri used for each database. These terms include: Permafrost, Frozen Ground, Periglacial, Freeze & Thaw, Cold Regions Engineering, Frozen Soils, Frost Heave, Solifluction, Geocryology, Thermokarst, Ground Temperature, and Tundra.

NSIDC does not have all of the original material in hand; therefore, we cannot vouch for the completeness of each citation. However, every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. Attempts were made to remove any duplicate entries that might appear in two or more languages. NSIDC would appreciate your comments on the bibliography: on references we have not included, sources not searched, or subject areas that were not adequately covered. Please contact NSIDC User Services with your comments.