Ice Velocities of the Rutford Ice Stream

Ice Velocities of the Rutford Ice Stream
This overview map is a subscene from the USGS 1 km AVHRR mosaic (Ferrigno et al., 1996).

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Map of Rutford Ice Stream velocities

Data Acquisition Method

These velocities were determined from Maganavox Geoceiver occupations of stations, which were revisited approximately one year later. The data were not post-processed so the point-position accuracy is +/- 5 m, giving a velocity accuracy of approx +/- 7 m/a (ie around 2%).

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Smith, A.M. (1997). Seismic investigations on Rutford Ice Stream, West Antarctica. Ph.D. thesis, Open University, Milton Keynes, England.

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Access the tabular velocity data for the Rutford Ice Stream