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The above overview map is a subscene from the USGS 1-km AVHRR mosaic (Ferrigno et al., 1996). Velocity data were derived from the Landsat scenes listed below. To view image data select Velocity Map or Data Set Map, or use the links on the overview image.

Data Set Information:

Surface velocities and elevations of Byrd Glacier were determined by photogrammetric methods (bundle block aerial triangulation) from two sets of aerial photographs (scale about 1:48,000) taken on 6 December 1978 and 31 January 1979. The data were reported as three-dimensional coordinates of points at these two epochs. Velocities were calculated from the two positions of the same surface points and the time interval between the two flights.

Natural features, such as crevasses, seracs, or dunes, were identified and marked on both sets of photographs. Seventy-one fixed points on rock outcrops at the glacier's lateral margins were also identified and marked in the same way. 13 control points on the perimeter of the area were established by ground survey. All these points were measured on the photographs by a stereo comparator, and their elevations and planimetric terrain coordinates were determined analytically by a rigorous least-squares adjustment of the two blocks of photographs. This yielded coordinates of 1467 terrain points from 6738 image points (13,476 photo coordinate measurements) on 322 photographs. There are 470 velocity vectors calculated for this data set.

Literature References:

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Access the tabular velocity data for the Byrd Glacier 1978-1979