VELMAP Overview

The Velmap collection has moved to the U.S. Antarctic Program Data Center (USAP-DC) Velmap data set. Effective February 8, 2021, these data products will no longer be available from NSIDC.

VELMAP is a compilation of ice velocity data of the Antarctic ice sheet and is intended for use by the polar scientific community. The data are presented in tabular form (ASCII format), containing latitude, longitude, speed, bearing, and error ranges. A metadata header describes the source of the data, the time of measurement, and gives details on measurement accuracy and precision.

The data sets were contributed by several investigators, in most cases from already-published work. Both in situ and image-based methods are used. References for the data sets are included with the data tables.

If you have any questions concerning the relevance of these data to your work please contact NSIDC User Services.

Data Contributions: If you have well-characterized Antarctic ice velocity data you would like to contribute to this site, please see the VELMAP pages for more information.

Antarctica map
Velocity maps are available for the regions annotated in this image.

Amery Ice Shelf
Antarctic Peninsula
Filchner/Ronne Velocities
Mertz Glacier
Mizuho Plateau
Pine Island Glacier
Ross Ice Shelf
Scott Coast
Shackleton Coast
Siple Coast
Sulzberger Ice Shelf
Pine Island/Thwaites