Data Search & Access Tools

Users may search for data in NSIDC's entire online data catalog using the NSIDC Data Search tool, or you may want to use one of the specialized search and access tools listed below, which will help you discover, visualize, access, or search and order certain data without searching NSIDC's entire online catalog.

Name Description Data Sets Served Search Visualization Subsetting / Reprojection Reformatting Analysis Tool
Search-and-Order Interfaces
Data Search Search all data sets in NSIDC's data catalog. All NSIDC data sets
Reverb (NASA product) Search for and order data from NSIDC and other Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs). AMSR-E, ICESat/GLAS, MODIS, NISE, + other EOS and V-0 data sets
Data Pool Access NSIDC's complete archive of AMSR-E, ICESat/GLAS, MODIS, and NISE products via FTP. AMSR-E, ICESat/GLAS, MODIS, NISE
IceBridge Portal Search IceBridge mission observations and measurements of coastal Greenland, coastal Antarctica, the Antarctic Peninsula, interior Antarctica, the southeast Alaskan glaciers, and Antarctic and Arctic sea ice. IceBridge
World Glacier Inventory Search NSIDC's inventory of glacier names, number, location, and other information.
Map Services
Atlas of the Cryosphere Explore the Earth's frozen regions through dynamic mapping. CAPS, GLIMS, Monthly SWE, Snow Classification, Greenland 5km DEM, Greenland Melt Characteristics (Passive Microwave), MOA Image Map, Weekly Snow Cover and Sea Ice Extent, RAMP DEM, Sea Ice Trends and Climatologies from SMMR and SSM/I (Complete list of data sources)
GLIMS Glacier Database Unique inventory of critical information about glaciers, with both a Web mapping service and a text search interface. GLIMS
MODIS Mosaic of Antarctica (MOA) Image Map Web-based map server that can create manually-selected JPEG images of the Antarctic continent and surrounding islands. MOA
Virtual Globes Data-based images overlaid on an interactive virtual globe using Google Earth™. Greenland Melt Characteristics (Passive Microwave), MODIS Snow Cover, Glacier Photograph Collection, Sea Ice Index, CAPS, NISE
Glacier Photograph Collection Search the NSIDC database of glacier photographs, including special collections of glacier photograph pairs.