Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1955-1958


Map: Lister, personal communication

Station Information: Lister, personal communication

Temperature and Depth: "From the surface to 16m deep a series of temperature profiles was measured by resistance thermometers in two independent bore holes made with the SIPRE drill. Temperatures were measured in the deep hole with waxed spirit thermometers, lowered to the bottom of the freshly drilled hole as it progressed, and finally by resistance thermometers." (Stephenson and Lister, 1959, p. 426) Estimated error + or - 0.2C. (Lister, personal communication)

Data Sources

Lister, H., 2001. Personal communication.

Stephenson, P.J., and H. Lister, 1959. Preliminary Results of the Glaciological Work on the Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1955-1958. J. of Glaciol., 3(25), 426-431.