South Pole-Queen Maud Land Traverse I 1964-1965


Map: Cameron et al., 1968, p. 2.

Station Information: Date, Latitude, and Longitude taken from Picciotto et al., 1971, p. 260. Elevation taken from Cameron et al., 1968, p. 12-13. Latitude and Longitude reported in decimal degrees. Elevation and depth reported in meters.

Temperature and Depth: Cameron et al., 1968, p. 12-13. Temperature reported in Celsius, depth is in meters. "Temperatures were measured in boreholes at 29 sites; 19 were bottom-of-the-hole temperatures, and 10 were temperature profiles." "Most bottom-of-the-hole temperatures were measured with a thermohm and a Leeds-Northrup direct-reading Wheatstone bridge." "Usually both thermohms were placed in the hole at night, and the measurements made in the morning. The temperatures were read to the nearest 0.05C and are considered good to 0.1C. Temperature profiles were measured with thermistors and a Leeds-Northrup No. 4735 guarded Wheatstone bridge in conjunction with a No. 9834 null detector. Resistances were converted to the nearest 0.01C and the temperatures were considered good to 0.05C." (Cameron et al., 1968, p. 11)

Accumulation: Cameron et al., 1968, p. 48. Accumulation given is average of maximum and minimum values for each station. Station 17, maximum value. Station 23, maximum value. Station 26, mimimum value. Station 28, maximum value. Snow accumulation reported in g/cm2. "Considering the difficulties in interpreting the tratigrpahy, maximum and minimum accumulation values for each pit have been given. In general, there is a tendency to underestimate the number of years, and consequently to overestimate the accumulation values. Therefore, these values should be regarded as the upper limit of annual accumulation." (Cameron et al., 1968, p. 47)

* Flag: Represents how temperature was derived. Values reported as (S) represent a single point measurement. This measurement has not been corrected for short term thermal decay or annual thermal cycle.

** Average Density for 0-2 m. Cameron et al., 1968, p. 33.

*** Density at 10 m. Cameron et al., 1968, p. 42.

Data Sources

Cameron, R.L., E. Picciotto, H. S. Kane, and J. Gliozzi, 1968. Glaciology of the Queen Maud Land Traverse, 1964-1965, South Pole-Pole of Relative Inaccessibility. Institute of Polar Studies Report, No. 23, The Ohio State Univ. Res. Found.

Picciotto, E., G. Crozaz, and W. De Breuck, 1971. Accumulation on the South Pole-Queen Maud Land Traverse, 1964-1968. Antarctic Snow and Ice Studies II, Antarc. Res. Ser., vol. 16, 257-315, AGU.