South Pole Traverse 1962-1963


Map: Taylor, 1965, Figure 1.

Station Information: Taylor, 1971, p. 211. Latitude and Longitude reported in decimal degrees. Elevation and depth reported in meters.

Temperature and Depth: Taylor, 1971, p. 211. Temperature reported in Celsius, depth is in meters. Accuracy of temperature is + or -0.01C. Temperatures determined using thermistors in 10 m bore holes using a Leeds and Northrup 4735 guarded Wheatstone bridge and a 9834 null detector. "Calibrated thermistors ere supplied by the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratories." (Taylor, 1965, p. 1, 8)

Density: Reported in g/cm2. Measurements were made at 5-cm intervals using standard density tubes (500 cm3). Tubes were excavated and weighed on a triple beam balance to 0.1 gram. (Taylor, 1971, p. 216)

Accumulation: Taylor, 1971, p. 211. Reported as accumulation of snow in grams per square centimeter (g/cm2). Assumptions used as a basis for determining a year's accumulation are found in Taylor, 1965, p. 10.

* Flag: Represents how temperature was derived. Values reported as (S) represent a single point measurement. This measurement has not been corrected for short term thermal decay or annual thermal cycle.

** Average Density for 0-2 m. Taylor, 1971, p. 211.

Data Sources

Taylor, L.D., 1971. Glaciological Studies on the South Pole Traverse, 1962-1963. Antarctic Snow and Ice Studies II, Antarc. Res. Ser., vol. 16, 209-224, AGU.

Taylor, L.D., 1965. Glaciological Studies on the South Pole Traverse, 1962-1963. Institute of Polar Studies Report, No. 17, The Ohio State Univ. Res. Found.