Ross Ice Shelf Traverse 1957-1958


Map: Boyd, 1960, p. 3.

Station Information: Crary et al., 1962, p. 142-147. Latitude and Longitude reported in decimal degrees. Elevation and depth reported in meters.

Temperature and Depth: Crary et al., 1962, p. 125. Temperature reported in Celsius, depth is in meters. Accuracy of temperature is no worse than 0.05C. Temperatures were obtained by a calibrated thermohm used with a Wheatstone bridge. Thermohm remained in hole for at least three hours before measurement taken. (Crary et al., 1962, p. 122)

Density: Range of Density Values for region: At 0-2 m range is 0.32-0.54. At 10 m range is 0.46-0.64, see Bentley et al., 1964, (Plates 6 and 7, bar graph). Density reported in g/cm3.

Accumulation: Crary et al., 1962, p. 92-93. Accumulation reported in gm/cm3 water equivelent. Accumulation values were derived by measuring the difference in depth between two successive summer layers and obtaining the water equivalent from the density values. Accumulation year was measured from the middle of one summer layer to the middle of the next one. (Crary et al., 1962, p. 80)

Little America Station: Measurements taken from Crary, 1961.

* Flag: Represents how temperature was derived. Values reported as (S) represent a single point measurement. This measurement has not been corrected for short term thermal decay or annual thermal cycle.

** Average Density for 0-2 m. Crary, A.P. 1962, p.106.

*** Density at 10 m. Crary, A.P. 1962, p.106.

Data Sources

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